Our Best Switzerland Pictures

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Dave took amazing Switzerland pictures from our grand tour of Switzerland and from previous trips from and Lucerne to Geneva. When I look at this collection of Swiss photos, I am impressed by their variety.

The Best Switzerland Pictures

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries on earth to see and photograph. From the cities to the mountains everywhere is postcard-perfect. Enjoy this journey through Switzerland in photos and escape to Switzerland with us today!

Switzerland in PIctures Zermatt – Matterhorn

switzerland pictures metterhorn at sunrise
The Matterhorn from Lake Stellisee

The Matterhorn is the symbol of Switzerland and no trip to the country would be complete without seeing its striking beauty. This photo was taken at sunrise. Take the Sunnega Valley Train to Stellisee and make sure to book ahead of time for sunrise. (summer months only) For more information on lift tickets visit: Zermatt.ch

switzerland pictures gornergrat
Dave looks out over glaciers and 4000 meter peaks of Gornergrat

You won’t find a more striking view in Switzerland (in our opinion) than Gornergrat. Located at an elevation of  3,089 m, Gornergrat has been one of Switzerland’s top places to visit for more than a century located in the Zermatt Matterhorn Region of Switzerland. Read more: Incredible Zermatt, Switzerland – 23 Exciting Things to See and Do

Cogwheel Railway to Gornergrat Zermatt
Cogwheel railways are found throughout the Swiss Alps – this one climbs in front of the Matterhorn

The Cogwheel Railways are historic railways that were built in the early 1900s when exploring the Alps was all the rage. This railway is leading up to our favourite place to photograph in Switzerland, Gornergrat.

Sunset from the Zermatt Matterhorn Viewpoint

This classic view of Zermatt is that postcard photo of Switzerland. It’s just a 15 minute hike from town to get to this famous lookout.

Zermatt Blacknose Sheep
Famous Blacknose Sheep of Zermatt

Images of Switzerland – Grindelwald

switzerland pictures grindelwald bachalpsee
Lake Bachalp in Grindelwald

Bachalpsee (Lake Bachalp) in Grindelwald is one of the most iconic Switzerland images in the Jungfrau Region. This lake can be reached by taking the Firstbahn gondola to Grindelwald First and then doing a 3km hike out to the lake.

About Jungfraujoch top of Europe

Speaking of Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe. When visiting Grindelwald, this is not to be missed. Take the historic cogwheel train up to Jungfraujoch to see one of the most spectacular views in Switzerland. Read more Spectacular Switzerland, a Visit to Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe.

Glacier Gorge view in Grindelwald
Incredible Glacier Gorge Grindelwald

More Pictures of Switzerland Mountains

switzerland pictures sunset over montreux

St. Moritz is one of the premier places to visit in Switzerland. This photo was taken from our balcony of the luxurious Hotel Kulm St. Moritz at sunrise. Read more about St. Moritz at Stunning St. Moritz – Summer fun in Switzerland

The incredible views on the Muottas Muragl Hike

St. Moritz Surprised us. We had been to Grindelwald, Interlaken, Zermatt, and Leukerbad and didn’t think things could get any better, and then we hiked to the Sunnega Hut in St. Moritz and were blown away by this view.

More Switzerland in Photos – The Cities

swtizerland pictures bern
Capital of Switzerland – Bern

To achieve different looks, Dave took his Switzerland Pictures at all different times of the day using a variety of methods from long exposures on a tripod to hand held shots. They are stunning.

switzerland pictures zurich
Zurich at Sunset

The skyline of Zurich at sunset can be very dramatic with the cathedral spires lit up. I love Dave’s images of Switzerland because they are all so varied and different from destination to destination. Read more: Things to do in Zurich

rhine ferry in basel switzerland
Basel on the Rhine

This Switzerland photo really captures the essence of Basel. A swimmer floating in The Rhine as the ferry crosses the river from Grossbasel (Left Side of the River Bank) toward Klein Basel (Right Side of the River Bank). This ferry is a reaction ferry meaning it uses no motor or paddle to cross the river. Read more at 20 Reasons to Fall in Love with Basel, Switzerland

Switzerland Facts Lucerne
Lucerne at Night

Lucerne may be known for the Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) spanning the River Reuss, but it is this night time photo that I love. We went for a walk and found these lights twinkling in the water.

switzerland pictures lugano
The beautiful city of Lugano in southern Switzerland

Lugano is a city in the Ticinco region of Switzerland. It feels like a little slice of the Italian riviera when visiting Ticino and offers completely different opportunities for unique Switzerland pics.

Things to do in Lugano and Ticino Switzerland
Town of Ascona

It’s hard to imagine that this is a Switzerland photo. It looks more like Italy or Spain, but this town of Ascona is colourful and beautiful. Located on

More Switzerland Photos

switzerland in photos cows in mountains
Eiger Trail in Grindelwald

The cows of Grindelwald make for a beautiful Switzerland picture. These cows were spotted on the Eiger Trail of the Jungfrau Region. Take this hike down after visiting Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe.

There’s the use of a shallow depth of field when walking through a Swiss vineyard, a long exposure night shot of Interlaken, and a good old-fashioned picture where no post-processing is used at all.

Facts about Switzerland Cheese
No Switzerland photo compilation would be complete without Swiss Cheese
swiss photo of lindt chocolate
Or Swiss Chocolate
photo of swiss spa
Swiss Spas are a huge part of Swiss culture
Where to stay in Ticino
Vineyards of Lugano in Ticino
switzerland pictures lake chateau chillon montreux
Chateau Chillon on Lake Geneva
switzerland pictures verzasca valley
Verzasca Valley in Ticino Switzerland
pictures of Switzerland interlaken valley
pictures of interlaken switzerland

 I love these Switzerland Pictures and they truly are the best of the best.

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  1. Of course, choice and quality of all pictures are outstanding! Only the ‘sujets’ are so well known already. No wow effect anymore. Switzerland is so much more besides the touristic traps. You wouldn’t say: see America, let’s go to NYC! Real gems are off the mainstream foto books! Want to know more, just ask 😉 ! See the PLUS (the Swiss flag, of course)!

  2. These photos are breath taking – just like Switzerland!! You’ve really done it justice and brought back many happy memories.

    I especially love the photo of Chateaux Chillon. It looks so ‘moody’.

  3. I live between Switzerland & the UK and a lot of these pictures make me feel nostalgic. I liked the Chateaux Chillon a lot! Thank you.

  4. The photos are beautiful and have a special light that gives them a surreal and unique. Really good photographer.


    P.S I found you with Stumble

    • Lucky you! Switzerland is a beautiful country, and I’m jealous of your economy. Everyone seems so well off there. Thanks for sharing your article, we’ll definitely check it out.

  5. My favorite place Switzerland looking so
    beauty in your Photo Collections. Never
    Seen such a collection of Switzerland
    Images. Looking So Beauty.
    vineeth from india

  6. I was born and raised in Switzerland. These pictures make me home sick. And I have lived more than half my life in the USA. Still, my family lives in Switzerland!

  7. I always love seeing your photos, especially when they are of such a beautiful country.

    Many years ago, my grandmother painted a picture of Chateux Chillon so it was nice to see it from a slightly different angle.

  8. only been to Switzerland once, but loved it. Your HDR shots are gorgeous, they all look like paintings!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by the way. Hope to meet up with you guys again soon 🙂

    – Maria Alexandra (LatinAbroad)

  9. Switzerland is very beautiful place to visit.We have really great Adventure tour when have tour of Switzerland.These pics are very nice and specially the night pics are looking so attractive

  10. Wow, you’re right about the variety in those shots. I love the colours of them too.
    But I get the feeling you can’t not take a good photo of Switzerland because of those mountains. With a backdrop like that, every shot is just stunning!!

  11. Those are absolutely breathtaking views and I hope you consider taking those shots minus the awful HDR-processing, which is a fad and i’m sure in a few months or years you will agree 🙂 Or not..either way, thanks for sharing!

  12. These are awesome pictures.I am so much impressed by the detailed photography you have done here and the views are awesome.I really enjoyed a lot watching them.Very good job.You guyz are doing awesome work.Keep up the good work.

  13. My favorite place Switzerland looking so beauty in your Photo Collections. Never Seen such a collection of Switzerland Images. Looking So Beauty.
    Shalee David

  14. These are some amazing photographs. Switzerland has some of the most beautiful and dramatic landscapes, images you would think came from a movie.

  15. Dave is truly a great photographer and these photos are simply stunning! The black and white with the purple flower and the night shot of Interlaken are my favorites.

  16. Now that people is how to promote Switzerland in photos – truly remarkable what you have captured. If I worked for the Swiss tourism board I’d be contacting you immediately. I’d give anything right now to be sat on the bench looking out at the Swiss Alps.

  17. I’m in love with these photos! Been a while since I checked the site (self-imposed mini digital detox), I think the last post I saw were the photos of the Grand Canyon (with all the light pouring in…I wish I could remember the exact name). These are absolutely stunning, some of them even look like paintings. I love the plant (thistle?) in colour in the foreground with everything else in black and white, the first two of Bern, and the one of Interlaken the best (the mountain in the background is a fantastic effect). Needless to say I’ll be checking in more often now that I’m fully back online!

  18. Typical Switzerland is right! Every way you turn in Switzerland is another fantastic sight. Loved your pictures.

  19. Simply gorgeous. I loved the wine terraces in Lavaux, I was there last fall and the colors were incredible!

  20. I lived in Switzerland for over four years. These shots certainly make me yearn for the mountains. Great job capturing the beauty of the countryside. Cheers!