The fluid rocks of antelope canyon

These photos of Antelope Canyon are going to blow your mind. Seriously! Not that I am bias or anything. The photographer who took them just so happens to be my husband, but when he showed my his collection of photos from our day at Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona, I was floored. I truly think this is his some of his best work ever.

Photography in Antelope Canyon

Not only because of the shots that he took, but because of the short time that he had in a difficult photographic situation. When taking photos of Antelope Canyon, there is a lot of pressure on the photographer. There is a short window of light, the canyon itself is very dark so you have to take very long exposures and it is extremely crowded with people. You have seconds at a time to take your photograph while your guide hold's back the crowds. There isn't time for second guessing yourself. People are impatient and want to move on. You have your one moment to grab the shot, or nothing. You can only see the canyon on a tour with a guide so there is no way to try to explore it on your own during a lesser crowded time of day. So, everyone flocks to the canyon at 10:30 am to catch a peak of the sun's rays streaming through from above. We were in the middle of our Intrepid Travel Self Drive Adventure and am I ever glad that they put a stop in Page Arizona on the itinerary. We never would have known about it!

sun ray shining through cave

This is the place to be and the time to be there. To find out more on tips of how to take photographs at Antelope Canyon, check out our photo teaser post. 

If you don't know your camera well, you will come out of Antelope Canyon with a bunch of shots that are blurry and a mess. There were 12 people on our photography tour. Four of them had tripods. The rest who attempted to go hand held will have very little to show of our time there (well, except for me, my iPhone took wonderful photographs – seriously) To see a sample of my iPhone photos of Antelope Canyon, check out the same photo teaser post from above.

So without further delay, Here are my hubby's fabulous photos of Antelope Canyon!

Antelope Canyon in Photos

rocks of antelope canyon usa road trip

travel photos of usa national park

travel photos of usa antelope canyon

colourful rocks in this travel picture of antelope canyon

arizona travel pictures

sunlight streams through opening of canyon

sand pours over ledge of canyon in sunlight


The rays dance on the floor of Antelope Canyon

road trip self drive adventure with intrepid travel

Our trip to Antelope Canyon is part of our American Road Trip with Intrepid Travel
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