Amazing Antarctica in photos

Antarctica is a dream destionation for many. It's the final frontier. The 7th continent. Once you've been everywhere, you'll want to visit Antarctica. This Antarctica pictures will entice you to finally book that polar expedition.

antarctica chinstrap penguin photo

Chinstrap Penguins, named so because of their obvious chinstrap pattern on their face

January is the perfect time of year to visit Antarctica. We started our expedition on January 30 and it turned out to be the most incredible time to visit the continent.

penguin in Antarctica

An adolescent penguin comes over to say hello

Newly hatched penguins had now grown to adolescence. They developed the most curious nature by the time they had grown a bit.

When we'd land on the shore after a good day of kayaking or exploring on the zodiacs, young penguins would waddle over to see what we were up to.

blue ice icebergs antarctica

Beautiful layers of blue ice in the icebergs

The wildlife of Antarctica was outstanding with whales breaching, seals sleeping, birds flying, and penguins playing right before our eyes.

But it was the landscape of Antarctica that truly took our breaths away.

Antarctica in Photos

Antarctica Icebergs

Beautiful Antarctica Ice and skies

Many of his stunning Antarctica photos had never seen the light of day due to catching flights and moving onto the next location.

Continent of Antarctica

A penguin looks back over the shore of the continent

So it's time to show you the best of Antarctica pictures like this lone penguin.

whale breaching Antarctica

A Beautiful whale breach: This whale stayed with our ship for 45 minutes!

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whale fluke in Antactica

A whale shows off his tail in this amazing whale fluke capture

Antarctica Ice

icebergs reflection

Iceberg reflections in the still water

Ice formations Antarctica

Ice, Ice and more Ice

Old Whaling Stations

Deception island antarctica oil drums

Old oil drums on abandoned whaling station

Old abandoned whaling stations can be visited when taking an expedition to Antarctica. This is a ruin on Deception Island. Back in the day it was a large whaling station where they slaughtered whales for their oil.

deception island antarctica

Crumbled building on Deception Island


camping antarctica

We even camped on the continent of Antarctica

zodiac behind iceberg in Antarctica

Each day we'd leave the ship to go out and explore by zodiac

kayaking antarctica

Our guide, Solen Kayaking around an iceberg

We spent several days kayaking in Antarctica. It was the most serene and peaceful thing we've ever done. There was nothing but the sound of ice crackling and our paddles dipping into the cold water. We could move silently as to not disturb wildlife and we came very close to seals sleeping on floating ice, penguins jumping and we even had a whale breach right behind our group of 12 paddlers.


Seal sleeping in Antarctica

Seal basking in the sun

Weddell seal

this guy looks so content!

Can't get enough of penguins

The Penguin highway in Antarctica.

The Penguin highway in Antarctica.

penguin antarctica

A penguin checks out his own reflection

Let us be honest with you. Penguins smell. When you land on shore to observe a colony, the stench immediately hits you. It's a mixture of fish and feces. However, they are so darn cute that soon your nose gets used to the smell and you could sit for hours watching them. We saw a lot of penguins in Antarctica, but each viewing was as exciting, cute and fascinating as the first.

mother and baby penguin Antarctica

We never tire of penguins in Antarctica

When visiting the continent  you are not allowed to approach penguins closer than 5 meters. But, if you stand or sit very still, they may approach you and that is completely allowed!

Penguins baby and mother

A whole lotta penguin love going on

Stunning Beauty

sunrise antarctica

A glorious way to start the day

antarctica iceberg

Brash Ice leads out from an Iceberg

Antarctica mountains

Snowcapped mountains of Antarctica's mainland in the distance

British Base Antarctica

A stop at the British Base is a must. You can do some shopping and send a postcard home!

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whale bones antarctica

Whale bones pieced together to make a full whale carcass. It's huge!

Whale bones on Antarctica Shore

Whale bones are common to see when walking on beach shores at abandoned whaling stations.

The tranquil scenery of Antarctica

The tranquil scenery of Antarctica

Paddling the calm waters of Paradise Bay, Antarctica

Paddling the calm waters of Paradise Bay, Antarctica

Icicles form on a giant Iceberg in Antarctica

Icicles form on a giant Iceberg in Antarctica

Our travels to Antarctica were courtesy of Quark Expeditions. The leader in Polar adventures.

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