Top 5 Adventures in Victoria Falls Zambia

Victoria Falls is definitely Africa's Adventure Capital.

If you like adventure, you are going to love a visit to Victoria Falls in Zambia.  We spent 3 days at the falls in Livingstone and we filled it with not stop thrills from start to finish.

Our Favorite Adventures in Victoria Falls Zambia

Here are just a few of the adventure activities that you will find to do at Victoria Falls.

Gorge Swing

Adventure in Victoria Falls at the gorge

Abseilling at Victoria Falls Gorge

Victoria Falls is definitely the number one place in Africa for adrenaline adventure.

Everyone knows about the bungee jump off of the bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe, but there is an even more exciting leap in the area for true thrill seekers. As seen on the Amazing Race, the Gorge Swing will get your blood pumping.

Your day starts with a 55-meter (160 ft) abseil down the cliff into Batoka Gorge. After a tough climb back up, prepare to soar over the gorge on a zip line. As you stare into the depths below you are pulled back to safety only to do it all over again.

After two jumps, you are now more than ready for the final activity of the day.

The Gorge Swing is a bungee jump with a twist. You step off of the edge of a cliff and free fall to the bottom, but once the line tightens, it whips you across to the other side of the gorge at 120km (75 miles) per hour. The 55m free-fall is a thrill, but it is the abrupt snap at the end that takes your breath away.

At the bargain price of $90, you are allowed two jumps so you can fall back into the gorge for your first jump and then once you have built up the nerve you can jump face first on the second. It is a thrill like no other.

Helicopter Tours

Victoria Falls Zambia view from the Helicopter

A Flight over Victoria Falls, Great Adventure

Victoria Falls is impressive indeed, but it is difficult to take in the full scope of its immense size unless you see it from the sky. You must see the falls from the air while you are there. The helicopter flight, is definitely an adventure.

They call this thrill, white water rafting in the sky. Your helicopter pilot takes you right down to the Zambezi River. The high cliffs rise above you as you twist and turn your way through the canyons following the river gorge.

Just when you start to feel air sick, you lift off high into the sky for a bird’s eye view of the world’s largest waterfall.

It is a loud and exciting flight. Wearing your headphones, the pilot points out sites on the ground. You may just spot some wildlife as well as you fly over the preserve. Catching the full view of the Victoria Falls is breathtaking, the gorge cuts through the land zig zagging like the letter “z” showing you the true strength of Mother Nature.

The flight is designed to circle above the falls to give you the chance to see it from all directions.

It is 15 minutes long and $100 but worth every penny. The flight through the gorge is a thrill and to see the falls from high in the sky is an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park day trip from Victoria Falls

Chobe National Park, Short Trip from Victoria Falls

From Livingstone, you can book a trip to Chobe National Park in Botswana. It has one of the greatest concentrations of wildlife found on the African Continent. Chobe is located 90 km from Victoria Falls just over the Zambian border and you have the added bonus of adding another African Country to your list.

You can visit Chobe on a day excursion or you can book an overnight safari to several days. It is definitely worth the visit.

You will be visiting one of the largest game reserves on the African Continent. You can go for a day or a multi-day trip. A river cruise is not to be missed. You will witness a spectacular sunset and will float right next to grazing hippos and bathing elephants.

Elephant sightings are guaranteed with a population of 12,000 and it is more than likely that you will see nearly all of the major species. Zebras, lions, hyenas, they are all there waiting for you to spot them.

This wildlife safari is a must for anyone to do when visiting Victoria Falls. Witnessing Africa's unique wildlife in their natural setting is one of the greatest adventures that anyone can possible experience.

Walk Next to Victoria Falls

victoria falls adventure walk

A Wet Walk by Victoria Falls

Walking next to the powerful Victoria Falls will make anyone's heart pound. Entering the national park beside the falls, a network of trails takes you right up to its face. Covered in spray it is a thrilling experience being so close to the thunderous water.

The path takes you to a narrow bridge that you can walk across. Be careful though, it can be slippery and difficult to see, as you are only a couple of hundred meters away from the falls. Staying dry is not an option and the water is so loud that you have to shout to talk to each other.

The bridge is so close to the falls that you are engulfed in a mist and fog. Once you make your way across, you are free to explore trails and paths that wind their way through a patch of land directly across from the falls. You will be able to see it from many angles.

Once you are finished looking at its cascade, make your way to the top and sit near Devils Pool. The water is so calm and you are dangerously close to the edge.

It low water season people actually swim in this pool and stand right on the edge of the falls to look over. That would definitely be an adventure of a life time but not something we recommend trying while you are there.


White Water Rafting

white water rafting adventure victoria falls

A great Adventure at Victoria Falls

White Water Rafting is the prime attraction of Victoria Falls that almost everyone does when they visit Zambia. Book a full or half day trip on one of the top ten white water rivers on the planet.

Long violent class 5 rapids known as the Devil’s Toilet and Stairway to Heaven will get your blood pumping.  The mighty Zambezi river is legendary and you will have the adventure of your life tumbling through its rapids.

Whit Water Rafting prices start at $100. Tours can be booked at your hotel in Livingstone. Transfers and pick up are included.

Rafting the Zambezi River is one of the world's greatest white water experiences.

There are so many things to do in Victoria falls it would take more than just one blog post.  There are enough adventures to keep you busy for days on end, so book a trip to Zambia today? What are you waiting for? If not now…When?

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