27 Things to do in Paris Ontario – A Local’s Guide

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Did you know that Canada has a Paris? Paris, Ontario, is located just down the road from Scotland and not too far from Cambridge. If you want to take a road trip, you can also pop into Copenhagen en route to London before checking out Dublin and Luxemburg. Ontario clearly wants to be a little Europe!

Dave and I moved to the small town of Paris, Ontario, four years ago and love calling this picturesque community our home. Paris has been named the Prettiest Little Town in Canada, and with it being located just 1 hour and 20 minutes from Toronto, Paris has become a very popular day trip for people wishing to escape the city. If you are looking for a great weekend getaway or even just a day of exploring, these are all the things to do in Paris, Ontario.

Things to do in Paris, Ontario

Top Things to do in Paris Ontario
Mural downtown Paris, Ontario

Contrary to popular belief, Paris, Ontario, was not named after Paris, France. Paris, Ontario, got its name from the gypsum deposits that lay along the Grand River, which runs through town. The gypsum was used to create the Plaster of Paris, which made walls and ceilings, and hence, the town became known as Paris.

Paris, Ontario, totally surprised us. I grew up not too far away from here and hadn’t returned for more than 20 years. Dave grew up just up the road in Burlington and had never been here before! It was never on our radar, but after coming to look at houses with my parents, we found ourselves buying one of our own instead! This isn’t the Paris that I knew growing up. Paris now has contemporary restaurants, cool boutique shops, and plenty of outdoor adventures along the Grand River. So, let’s get ready to dive in!

Paris Outdoors and Adventure

1. Kayak the Grand River

Kayak the Grand River near Paris Ontario
Deb kayaking the Grand River

We moved to Paris in the height of the pandemic so we had a lot of time to explore the outdoors. We had no idea the Grand River was so popular but it is one of the premier kayaking destinations in the province. Kayakers can put their kayaks in anywhere in Paris where they can float to Brantford or, our favourite route is to put in at Glen Morris (11 km away) and kayak back into town.

One big catch is that you need two cars. We loaded up our kayaks in my brother’s truck, dropped us off at the launch point. We then drove the truck to Paris where we left it at the portage point in Paris at Penman’s Dam and then drove back to leave our car at Glen Morris. Yes, it’s complicated, but paddling one way is so much easier than having to paddle for a bit and then paddle again upstream.

  • If you don’t have kayaks or two cars you can book kayaking trips with Grand River Rafting Company
  • Grand Experiences offers kayaking and canoe trips on the Grand and Nith Rivers.
  • You can also book shuttles or do what others we talked to have done – just phone a taxi to take you back to you car!

2. Tube the Grand River

Tubing on the Grand River in Paris Ontario

If kayaking isn’t your thing, river tubing is very popular on the Grand. Tubers can put in at all sorts of launch pads along the Grand, but the best is to launch downtown Paris and float to the Brant Conservation area. Two cars are required for this as well, but you can also get shuttles with Grand River Rafting. Other people have told us that they hire taxis to shuttle as well. And that is a fantastic idea. Grand River Rafting offers Turbo Tubing rentals and tours. PS – we recommend having paddles with your even for tubing to be able to steer through rapids and obstacles.

Hot Tip – Brant Blue Canoe Token

If you book an experience with one of the two Grand River outfitters – Grand Experiences or Grand River Rafting you’ll receive special deals at participating Paris, Ontario vendors.

3. Rafting the Grand River

How to get to Paris Ontario
Rafters on the Grand River in Paris

We have paddled and SUP (stand up paddleboard) along the Grand River but we see whitewater rafters go by all the time. Grand River rafting isn’t massive whitewater like Ottawa Whitewater rafting, but it could be a fun trip for families where you’ll go through a few obstacles. Plus there is swimming and beaches to pull off and the scenery is beautiful. If you are traveling with a group, this would be a fun trip to do.

Cycle the Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail

Cycling the Cambridge to Paris Rail trail is one of our favourite things to do in Paris. This forest trail follows the Grand River all the way to Cambridge. This old railway line is now an outdoor lovers dream. There are benches and lookouts along the way and there are even a few beaches (or at least sandy spots) on the banks of the river Grand.

4. Stroll the Nith River Sensory Trail

paris ontario strolling nith river sensory trail

We love this trail in Lions Park. This is the only one of its kind we’ve ever seen that is made for people of all abilities. There are activities and stops along the way with signs also featured in braille for the visually impaired. A rope lines the trail for visually impaired people to follow and it is wheelchair and stroller friendly. The Nith River Sensory Trail is a beautiful setting where flyfishermen elegantly fish for their catch and trees line the scene making for a shady comfortable stroll. Stop and play some of the instruments and enjoy the sensory garden.

5. Go Fishing

Fishing in Paris Ontario

Speaking of Flyfishermen, the Nith and Grand River are filled with people flyfishing but regular fishing is popular too. Penman’s Dam is the “wow” attraction in Paris, Ontario. The other day we went for a walk by the dam and a couple from Windsor told us it was their first visit to Paris and they couldn’t believe how beautiful this town is. We were standing at Penman’s Dam and noticed that it really is a beautiful location and felt proud when they told us they wanted to move here. There are fishing holes all around Paris on the Grand and Nith Rivers and Paris is a popular spot for fly fishing too. The conditions are nearly perfect on the Grand with running shallow waters. You can book Fly fishing with Fly Water Guiding in Paris here.

6. Picnic at Penman’s Dam

Paris is the location where two rivers meet. The Grand and The Nith. Penman’s Dam was built in 1918 to harness the Grand Rivers’ power to run the Penman Clothing Company. It is a picturesque spot for a picnic as people bask in the sun on the banks. It’s a place to meet and talk to people as many people are lounging with their kayaks and tubes waiting for their rides.

There is a picnic table here, but only one. Penman’s Dam is the place portage over the dam with canoes and kayaks. There is a beautiful boardwalk leading down to the Grand River and you can watch the paddlers come in regularly all summer long.

7. Rent Canoes At Penman’s Dam

Canoe Rentals in Paris Ontario

You don’t have to do a major paddling trip to enjoy the Grand River in Paris, you can rent canoes and kayaks right downtown to putter around and explore the river in town.

The Grand River meets up with the Nith River in downtown Paris and when you go under the bridge, you can explore there as well. Walk back behind the Cobblestone Pub on Grand River Street and you’ll see canoes and kayaks for rent at Grand Experiences located on Grand River Street downtown. (It’s also a great spot to grab a beer overlooking the Grand.

8. Hub of Ontario Trails

Cycling Trails in Paris ontario

The cycling is amazing from Paris. From downtown Paris (and our house!) we can cycle to Port Dover (a popular beach town on Lake Erie), Ancaster and Hamilton. (We’ve even competed in the Paris to Ancaster race in the past. Can’t wait until it opens up again for racing so we can kick butt this time! )

The Hub of Ontario Trails is located not too far from Paris at Brant’s Crossing. From here, you can choose which direction to go. The trails are free from cars, they go through conservation areas, and along rivers and they are well maintained with park benches and interactive signs along the way. The real bonus is that the trails are not too crowded like the trails in Toronto.

9. Cycling Trails of Paris

paris to cambridge cycling trail lookout

If you are coming to Paris, Ontario pack your bikes because the trails are fantastic. There is cycling all along the Grand River too all the way to Cambridge. The path is a great double-track, hard-packed trail that has many viewpoints and pull-offs. Downtown Paris is bike-friendly and there is even an interactive hiking and cycling path in leaving from Lions Park. Dave and I cycle pretty much every day we are home. You can rent bicycles from Grand Experiences located downtown on Grand River Street.

10. Hike the Trans Canada Trail

Hiking along the Trans Canada Trail

You don’t have to pack your bike when coming to Paris to enjoy the outdoors. Many of the trails that cyclists use are also used for hiking. Leaving from Lions Park, you can go hiking along the Nith River and Distillery Trail. From downtown Paris at the Grand River Bridge, you can hop on the Grand River Trail and follow the path all the way to Cambridge.

If you want you can hike all the way to Brantford to the Hub of Ontario. We have seen many deer, bald eagles, groundhogs, and plenty of rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks on the trail. So keep an eye out, they have a tendency to run right in front of our bikes!

11. Lions Park

lions park paris ontario

Lions Park is our favourite place to cut through when we are going to Paris. Insider tip: There is plenty of parking here and it is a lovely walk through the park to downtown Paris. The park has a swimming pool, a splash pad, picnic tables and a playground for kids with jungle gyms, an amphitheater, and hiking trails.

The interactive trail along the Nith River is a great walk that takes you to another bridge into downtown.

Downtown Paris, Ontario

12. Lookout Over the Grand River

Lookout over the Grand River in Paris Ontario

If you have come into town for some shopping or dining, you can view the Grand River from the lovely lookout located on Paris Main Street. There are plaques dedicated to generous donors and there is a park bench to sit and enjoy the view.

paris ontario downtown jams

In the summer there is a downtown Jam night at the pavilion on Thursday evenings. The Pavilion is located on Grand River Street right beside 2 Rivers Restaurant and it has the best views of the Grand River.

13. Shop Local at Paris Wincey Mills

Shopping in Paris Ontario

Wincey Mills is a lovely weekend market that is filled with local food stalls and boutique shopping. We love popping in to see what’s new and restocking our pantry. It’s a great place to pick up some souvenirs or to have a taste of Paris local foods.

Wincey Mills dates back to 1889 and they have kept the historic structure that has been in operation for more than a century. We love picking up local cheese, jams, and olive oil when shopping at Wincey Mills. You can also grab a quick lunch in there as well.

14. Shopping and Galleries

Shopping in Downtown Paris Ontario

When touring around Ontario, everyone loves to pop into boutique stores to shop locally. Paris, Ontario has a lot of charming stores to check out. Take a walk along Grand River street and duck into the shops selling gems, art, jewelry, scented candles and designer clothes and shoes.

  • Get Your Calm on at Wabi Sabi Crystals – Located across from the Arlington Hotel
  • The Peddler Tea Store – Pick up an artisan tea
  • Fizz Soakery – A funky wellness store located beside the Dog Eared Cafe.
  • Get Some Art at Bohemian Gallery Paris – Located beside Wabi Sabi Crystals
  • Piper and Oak – is my favourite place to shop for furniture and home decor
  • The Gem Market Place – is a cool boutique shop offering hand made designs.
  • Green Heron Books – a lovely little bookstore on the river.

15. Paris Museum and Historical Society

History of Paris Ontario Downtown

We haven’t been able to go into the Paris Museum since moving here. It’s been closed since we’ve moved her. But when things get back into full swing, this is going to be our first stop. But they do have a website with information and you can use their Cobblestone tour map to see the Cobblestones of Paris. Get it here.

Paris Museum is strangely closed on Sundays which we find odd since most people visit Paris on the Weekends. But here are the museum hours. Wednesday to Saturday 1 – 4 pm.

16. Cobblestone Tour

Cobblestone Tour in Paris

We had no idea that Paris was the Cobblestone Capital of Canada until we moved here. But Paris is home to 13 cobblestone buildings. When walking through Paris, keep an eye out for the cobblestone buildings. If you want to book a tour (when things open up again) the Paris Museum offers walking tours. It is said that it required 14,000 Cobblestones to build one house. The Cobblestones were all taken from the Nith and Grand Rivers, but you’d never know it, these bodies of water are still very rocky.

17. Get Ice Cream at the Paris Bakery

Paris Bakery

One of our favourite things to do in Paris Ontario is the take a stroll with coffee in hand. The Paris Bakery has excellent coffee and cappuccino. You can get donuts, cookies, and pastries as well, but we just love grabbing a coffee to do some window shopping.

18. Ice Cream Chocolate Sensations

Chocolate Sensations in Paris Ontario

There are often line-ups out the door at Chocolate Sensations located on Grand River Street. They not only serve delicious gourmet chocolate treats but they also have fantastic ice cream. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place to pop into for more than just ice cream, it has delicious chocolates where you can purchase a taste of Paris and bring it home with you. No visit to Paris would be complete without going inside to stock up on decadent candy.

19. What’s the Scoop

Whats the Scoop in Paris

If lines are too long at Chocolate Sensations, go around the corner to What’s the Scoop. A lot of people would argue that their ice cream is even better! It’s not located on the main street, so chances of having a shorter line are good.

20. Twisted Treats

Twisted Treats in Paris Ontario

When you are heading out of town via Rest Acres Road, stop in at Twisted Treats for ice cream for the road. They are a lot like Dairy Queen with soft-serve delicious treats. But they are a fraction of the price. This is our go-to ice cream shop in Paris, Ontario.

Paris Patios

21. Enjoy the Patio of Stillwaters Plate and Pour

Stillwaters Plate and Pour in Paris Ontario

Stillwaters Plate and Pour is the most popular restaurant in Paris with a huge patio. If you are coming to Paris for a day trip, be sure to book your table well in advance. The restaurant is great with a beautiful view of the Grand River and chic menu. We couldn’t believe that there was such a downtown-style vibe restaurant right here in our little town. But then we read that the owners are from the Food Network’s Top Chef Canada. It lives up to their theme of creating a mix of comfort, fun, and elegance.

22. Have Pizza and a Pint on the Patio of Capeesh

Pizza at Capeesh in Paris

Stillwaters Plate and Pour isn’t the only hot spot in town though. Capeesh is located next door and it is just as good as Stillwaters. There is a fantastic patio (that nobody seems to know about) a great menu and a similar vibe to Stillwaters. Specializing in handmade pizza, Capeesh also has a little bit of everything. Greek, Indian, Thai, it has it all. There are 2 riverside patios, a bar, lounge, and an indoor dining room.  

23. Dine at 2 Rivers

Patio at Two Rivers Pub in Paris Ontario
View of the Grand River from 2 Rivers Patio Below

2 Rivers is the most underrated restaurant in Paris. Maybe because Stillwaters is so popular and Capeesh is right next door, but 2 Rivers also has a fantastic patio on the Grand, it has an extensive bistro-style menu and it even has some live music. Be sure to check them out! They have a set menu on Fridays and Saturdays where you can enjoy a 3 course meal while overlooking The Grand. We celebrated New Years Eve there this year and it was fantastic!

24. Cobblestone Public House

Cobblestone Public House in downtown Paris Ontario

Cobblestone Public House is yet another restaurant/pub located directly on the Grand River in downtown Paris, Ontario. It is definitely more of a pub fare than the other restaurants with the regular pub favourites on hand. They have a riverside patio, bar, and indoor dining. Its sister restaurants are Stillwaters and Capeesh. (I just learned that when visiting their website while writing this post!)

25. Paris Beer Company

The Paris Beer Company Ontario

The Paris Beer Company is located in the back of Wincey Mills Market and their patio overlooks the Nith River and Lion’s Park. If all the restaurants on the Grand are full, make your way to Wincey Mills and order a flight on the patio. They have a taproom and tasting room and you can pick up some bottles to take home with you. You can also order food from their full menu.

This has been our go-to spot for meeting friends from out of town. It’s a lively place with great local beer and a superb charcuterie board.

26. Enjoy Fine Dining at Juniper

We haven’t had the chance to eat here yet, but when we first moved to Paris, it was at the top of our list of things to do. We took a drive by the other night and it was jam packed, so we are making a reservation for next week, I’ll keep you posted. They have a patio too albeit it isn’t located on any river and is only situated in the parking lot. I think I’ll leave this one for a romantic meal out at night.

27. The Dog-Eared Cafe

what to do in paris ontario

The Dog Eared Cafe is the newest addition to Paris with plenty of theme nights and gatherings. Pop in for a fresh brew or grab a beer or a glass of wine. I am partial to their Maple Oat Latte. It has a second hand book store where proceeds go to charity and it has lovely views of the Grand River where you settle into its cozy atmosphere while enjoying a good book or a quiet conversation.

Paris Fairgrounds

Home to the Paris Fair, the Paris Fairgrounds has plenty of festivals and events happening throughout the year. There is the Maple Syrup Festival, the Butter Tart Festival, The Fall Craft and Vendor Show and the Holiday Markets. There is always something going on and it even attracts visitors from out of town.

Bonus Paris Attractions

28. Pop Over to the Bell Homestead National Historic Site

things to do in brant county bell homestead

Brant County is famous for being the place where the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. While it is about a 15-minute drive to the Bell Homestead in Brantford from Paris, you still should include it on your Paris, Ontario Itinerary. Besides, you will be able to round out your historic tour with the Bell Homestead in Brantford and its Paris connection.

Fun Fact: Alexander Graham Bell made his first long-distance phone call to the Robert White Shoe Store in Paris, Ontario. Visit the Dominion Telegraph Event Centre on Grand River Street (Paris Main Street) at William Street.

29. Elberta Farms

Elberta Farms near Paris Ontario

One last place to mention before you leave Paris. Elberta farms is Located just outside of Paris. This is our local farm where Dave and I get all our produce. There is nothing better than fresh from the farm fruits and vegetables. But they also sell pies, jams, cheese and maple syrup. Before heading back to the city, stock up on fresh Canadian vegetables and goodies that you simply cannot get in downtown urban centres.

Where to Stay in Paris Ontario

Arlington Hotel in Paris Ontario

The Arlington Hotel – The Arlington Hotel is the only proper hotel in Paris, Ontario. (unless you are friends with Dave and me and stay at Chez PlanetD, haha) but even if you are not staying over, you must eat in their dining room at Edit Restaurant. Or have drinks on the patio. Their patio is, unfortunately in a parking lot, but they have done a nice job decorating it with shrubs and trees. People love the Arlington Boutique Hotel for its theme rooms. You can book and see reviews on TripAdvisor

The Carriage House Flat – This BnB has been renovated and is in a grand heritage home. The four rooms have a fireplace, TV, Netflix and Internet.

ASA Wolverton House – is a historic carriage house converted into a BnB that sleeps up to six people. It includes a kitchenette.

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Paris Ontario Spas

I have just started sourcing the Paris Ontario Spas and plan to visit them all soon! It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.

The Ah Spa

If you are staying over at the Arlington Hotel, book a facial or massage at the Ah Spa. It’s located just across the street from the Arlington Hotel, so you can go back to your room after your massage or treatment to enjoy a glass of bubbly before your night out.

How to Get to Paris, Ontario

How to get to Paris Ontario

So where is Paris, Ontario anyway? Paris, Ontario is located about 90 minutes west of downtown Toronto along the 403 in Brant County. (we’ve made it to our doctor’s office in the West end of Toronto in less than an hour!)

Paris is just 10 minutes west of Brantford and 30 minutes west of Hamilton Ontario. It is also 40 minutes south of Kitchener. So, in a nutshell, Paris is a very central location in Southern Ontario. To get to Paris you can either take the Paris Road exit or the Rest Acres Road exit from the 403 and head north.

Parking in Paris, Ontario

Parking in Paris Ontario

Parking in Paris is getting very crowded so arrive early if you want to enjoy the day. There is a parking lot behind the main street which is Grand River Street. Look for the Rexall drug store and go in behind there.

There is also parking at Lions Park. You can get to Lion’s Park by exiting at the Rest Acres Road exit towards Paris. When you come to Highway 2 (aka King Edward Street) turn right at the lights and then make a left onto Dundas Street. You will then make an immediate right onto Laurel Street. Other parking can be found at Penman’s Dam Park.

And there you have it folks! All of the best things to do in Paris Ontario. Are you ready to visit one of the prettiest small towns in Canada? We may live here and may be a little bit biased but we know you will love getting out of the city to enjoy our beautiful home.

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