The Helisul Experience – Flying High Over Remarkable Rio

helisul Dave doors off

Dave enjoys his doors off flight with Helisul

If there is one city skyline you must see from the sky it is Rio de Janeiro. Rio is one of the most beautiful cities on earth. While other impressive city skylines can be enjoyed from the ground or other high lookouts in the city. Rio, needs to be seen from a helicopter to truly take in the scope of its beauty. Helisul is the premier helicopter tour operator in the city, and we can understand why, these guys were friendly, welcoming and top notch. Unlike their partner company in Iguazu Falls, the Helisul gang of Rio welcomed us with smiles.

The Helisul Rio Experience

Helisul rio de janeiro

Getting our Briefing from the Pilot

We took off from the city office near the lagoon and relaxed in a casual atmosphere on the deck while waiting for our turn. The Helisul staff were helpful and accommodating and super friendly. After a short safety brief and discussion of our route, we relaxed on the deck watching groups take off as we enjoyed a soda and treat from the vending machine before our flight over Rio. When it was our turn, we were escorted out to the helicopter, buckled in and armed with headphones so the pilot could talk to us on the tour.

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rio helicopter tour

You can only get this iconic shot from the helicopter

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Enjoy our Doors off Helicopter Flight Video with Helisul

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The flight over Rio was magical. There are several different spots to hop on a helicopter flight; A popular choice for people to make a spur of the moment decision is from Sugarloaf Mountain at Sunset. I think it is better to go to the city office so that you can see Christ the Redeemer by day.

helisul Rio De Janeiro

Huge Rio from the Air

We flew in the late morning and it was the perfect time just before the clouds started to roll in. I recommend not booking your tour in advance as Christ the Redeemer is often shrouded in clouds. Keep an eye on the weather then b-line it to a helicopter tour when you see the skies are clear. Clouds roll in quickly in Rio and you could be up in the air looking at iconic locations covered in fog.

Sugarloaf Mountain from Helisul tour

Seeing all of Rio from the Helicopter

Note: If you have to choose one helicopter tour in Brazil, do it in Rio and skip the Falls. Do the Jet Boat Iguazu Falls instead. Helicopter flights are expensive and you need to pick and choose. We found Rio to be impressive by air. Even though there are many high lookouts in the city, they don't compare to a helicopter tour. From the lookouts you only get one perspective, a helicopter tour lets you see the beaches, Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer and the city. We found Iguazu Falls to be more impressive from the ground than from above and the 10 minute flight there didn't really make us excited like Rio.

helisul Dave and Deb

All smiles after our flight

We were lucky enough to be working during our time in Rio so Helisul gave us a doors off experience to capture photos and video but a doors on helicopter flight is just as impressive. Deb's side had doors on and Dave's had a doors off. We noticed that the Helisul windows were scratch free and pristine (as you can see from Deb's video footage). We once took a scenic flight over Dubai and the windows were atrocious and covered in scratches.  All our videos and photographs came out grainy because of the window. This is something to take into consideration when flying. I was impressed with the condition of Helisul and felt that I had a great experience on my side with the doors on. Plus, it's freaky being on a helicopter with a door wide open. You'll be content with doors on, trust me.

helisul rio beach

You can only get this view of Rio, from a Helicopter

  • For information on a helicopter tour of Rio de Janeiro, visit Helisul for details.
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