Epic Adventures

We believe ordinary people are capable of achieving extraordinary things. We’re living proof. When we started our travels, we always used them as an opportunity to try something we’ve never done before.

This was our time to do something epic. Over the years our idea of epic has changed, but I’ll never forget going for a hike in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia for the first time or trekking into the jungles of Borneo and Cambodia.

Those experiences were unforgettable and we have built on each one over the years pushing our limits further and further.

If you are looking to add an epic adventure into your travels, this is the page for you. We think epic adventures are about pushing your boundaries, forces you to step out of your comfort zone, and often times take place over multiple days.

From trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp to cycling the continent of Africa, these are the ultimate in epic adventure travel ideas. Have you always wanted to do something outstanding?

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