Cuba Through the Lens

Traveling to Havana, Cuba was the trip of a lifetime. As an American, it was a unique feeling entering a country that is off-limits to the everyday traveler from the US. I chose to fly there from Mexico, which meant I didn't need to apply for a license from the US. This method is technically illegal but Cuba welcomes Americans with open arms. The risk and the reward paid off as I explored Havana, made new friends, and saw some amazing sites. No matter where you call home I recommend traveling to Cuba if you have the opportunity.

I stayed with a family in Old Havana in what is called a casa particular, basically a homestay, for around $30 USD per night. In 1997 the government permitted Cubans to rent private rooms in their home. This change opened up a world of wonderful accommodation in the country. Not only was it a new source of income for Cubans but it is a wonderful experience as a tourist. I love staying in guest houses when I travel and renting a room in a casa particular was just as hospitable.

My host pointed me to all of her favorite restaurants, bars, and sites in the city. I retraced the footsteps of Hemingway, sampled local cuisine, and attempted to salsa with some new friends. The decaying architecture and classic cars took me to a time that I have never felt in any other city around the world. I wouldn't trade my experience in Havana for anything and I can't wait to return.

Take a look at some of my favorite photos from my trip.

Beautiful Cuba

Havana Vieja, Cuba



motorbike cuba


classic car cuba

downtown havana


cuba cityscape



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