Travel Tips

Our top expert travel tips that we have learned over 12 -years on the road. These will help you save money, pack right and plan the best trip possible.

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17 Signs You Travel A Lot

Dave and I have been running a travel blog a long time now and the other night while huddled in a tent during one of our latest around the world adventures, we talked about how life has changed over all our years of travel.

dangerous countries map

10 Most Dangerous Countries

Travelling is one thing that many people all over the world love to do. Not all parts of the globe are not necessarily safe to visit. In fact, there are some places that are quite dangerous.

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do in an Airport

Imagine this… You’ve picked up some cheap international flights and are on your way to the airport. Everything seems fine until you get there and all of a sudden something goes completely wrong. You end up stuck in that little room trying to explain what just happened.