25 Delightful Pictures of Sweden’s South to Make you Visit Now

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Southern Sweden is my home region (Swedish: Skåne), and it’s a bliss to visit during spring and summer. However, most tourists tends to focus on Stockholm and Gothenburg, but there are lots of more places to visit in Sweden, and the southern part is just one of the many! I compiled my favourite pictures of Sweden from my latest road trip to the southern part of my home country. 

I’m originally from Helsingborg, and a couple of weeks ago, me and my girlfriend went on a little road trip. We did some Castle hunting, enjoyed the countryside, explored my home town along with Ystad and Lund. There are lots of castles in Skåne, and we also have some of the best beaches in Sweden.

25 Delightful Pictures of Sweden

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Sweden from our road trip to the south

Helsingborg, my beautiful home town with a rich history. This fortress was used to defend against the danish invaders, and much of it is still well-preserved. From the top you can also enjoy some stunning views of Helsingborg.

Another popular place to visit is “Pålsjö Skog”, a forest where you can see old buildings and find spots and paths like these.

We even have our own cherry blossom. While it’s not as impressive as in Japan, it’s still great to look at and for photos.

Old houses and fine architecture can be found at many places in Helsingborg. The photo below is taken in an area called Vikingsberg.

Castles of Southern Sweden

Castles. We do have quite a few of them, in different shapes, sizes and of course from different eras. Some of the most notable ones are Trolleholm, Marsvinsholm, Trollenäs, Kronovall, Malmöhus and Christinehof.

pictures of sweden Kronovall
Castle of Kronovall

Christine in front of Marsvinsholm. This castle is just a short drive from Ystad.

photos of sweden Marsvinsholm castle
Christine looks at Marsvinsholm

A little picnic at the inner yard at the magical castle of Trolleholm. It felt like a fairytale!

sweden pictures
The Fairytale setting of Trolleholm

Casually walking in my traditional Swedish costume at Trollenäs castle.

swedish photography Trollenäs castle
Strolling the grounds of Trollenäs Castle

Lund, a university town in the middle of Helsingborg and Malmö. A charming town with a beautiful dome church.

lund sweden photo
Walking the charming streets of lund

Sweden’s Most Picturesque City – Ystad

Ystad, probably one of Sweden’s most picturesque cities.

Still, it deserves far more visitors than it currently gets.

My grandmother lives there, so whenever I’m back in Sweden, we go here, and we always find some new photo spots!

Swedish Countryside

The Canola fields are amazing, and if you go to Southern Sweden in May, you gotta venture out of the towns and visit the endless fields of gold!

Did we find paradise in Sweden? Yes, this is not the Maldives, and it’s not Caribbean either. It’s one of the best beaches in Sweden, called Sandhammaren. Here await powder white sand, blue and turquoise water, and tranquility.

As you might have guessed, Southern Sweden has incredible landscapes, and there are still lots of farmers.

Sweden is a land of forests, and Skåne is no exception. I always appreciate being out in nature. This particular photo is taken in Stenshuvud national park.

Simrishamn is another charming and picturesque town in Southern Sweden. It’s located in Österlen, which is a popular summer destination among Swedes, especially from Stockholm.

Windmills used to play an important role in Southern Sweden, so don’t be surprised if you see one while driving around. However, not that many still have their wings attached, but this one does, so, of course we had to snap a photo here.

Finishing up with Ystad

More photos from Ystad. Streets like these are almost everywhere. You gotta love this cute and old style!

Have you been to Sweden? What are your favourite places to visit?

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Author bio:

Alex, aka Swedish Nomad. A full-time traveller and Photographer from Sweden. See more of his photography on his travel blog Swedishnomad.com

Check him out on Instagram at SwedishNomad, Facebook: SwedishNomad and Twitter @swenomad

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  1. Well, thanks for making me so homesick. Född ock bodde mest i Malmö. Tog realen. Var en tid i Skövde. Kusiner i Stockholm ock Danmark. Flyttade till Amerika (med foreldrar 3 gånger ock stannade kvar den sista gången. Jag blir gammal nu men blir ofta hemmasjuk. Vill gärna bli en kontakt. Hälsningar, Kerstin

  2. I have BFF since 1980 as neighbors in US
    They moved back home to Sweden after 18 months but maintained our friendship over all these years. We visited back and forth, went to each of our children’s weddings and now we have grandchildren and retired. Gothenburg is their home base. Just spent the month of June with them. Of course they take me everywhere on short trips around Sweden. This time my most favorite was visiting Ven Island!! What a great family trip or a great date destination. 2nd favorite was visiting all the boat locks in the Lake District north then just day hiking ! What a relaxing time!!

  3. I love Sweden–our families live near each other! Endless beautiful photos to take, everywhere you go! Thanks so much for sharing. =)

  4. A picturesque Sweden looks very pretty ion these photographs, really the clicks are very fine and mesmerizing they put me in awe-struck condition and i feel my self falling in love this place.

  5. Sweden is an awesome city, i have heard much about it, all pictures amazing in your post of road trip, Sweden South. i get spellbound to it, thanks for sharing this awesome post.