The Galapagos Blue Footed Booby is the star attraction of the Ecuadorian islands and you will see them everywhere! Unique to the area, these birds strut their stuff showing off their beautiful blue feet to attract their mate. This one was stomping from side to side as we drove by on our boat tour of the harbour of Isabella Island.

It is the highlight of the trip to spot your first blue footed booby up close and personal. We saw many from afar or flying through the air, but it wasn’t until a good 5 days into our tour that we came upon this guy standing on a nearby rock.

The Spanish saw the birds as clumsy and awkward giving them the name bobo which means stupid. They may look awkward on solid ground but they soar beautifully through the air and can dive from heights of 100 feet to pick their prey out of the water. It’s spectacular to watch.


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  1. Waegook Tom

    Now these boobies, I like! They always make me giggle – such funny birds. Shame about the name – it reminds me of the dodo, which was called wagvogel by Dutch settlers in Mauritius (it means “Disgusting Bird”)

    1. debndave Post author

      It’s so true. The early settlers just didn’t seem to like much of anything did they? They called everything some sort of insulting name and ended up hunting everything to near extinction. I didn’t know that the Dodo means disgusting bird. What a shame.

    1. debndave Post author

      They really are. The vibrance of blue depends on how healthy their food supply is. When they’re eating well, their a deeper blue making them more attractive to their female counterparts.

  2. Lane

    I’ve been Googling since seeing this photo — wondering why their feet are so blue. Theories seem to abound. Perhaps their diet? I know flamingos get their color from the brine shrimp they eat.

  3. Katrina

    I’m so glad you did not pass up the opportunity to make an innuendo-laden pun. It’s important, you know. The world needs more word play. Wildlife sanctuaries, too, but mostly word play!

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