The Island of Lanai in Photos

The Hawaiian Island of Lanai was surprising. Before going there, we didn't know what to expect but we thought that we would be visiting a typical tropical island filled with beaches lined with coconut trees and giant resorts surround by lush jungle.

Lanai Photos

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As it turned out, it is nothing like anywhere we have ever been. An extremely dry and barren island, it was very few visitors and with only three choices of places to stay on the island, it doesn't see a lot of action when it comes to the usual party goers and sun seekers.


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If you are looking to step back in time, get away from it all and unwind from the daily grind, Lanai is the place for you.

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Koele Lodge run by The Four Seasons, feels like you should be sipping scotch in the Library while smoking a cigar with Hemmingway.

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The Manele Bay Four Seasons has the perfect blend of and upscale resort with an intimate relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.

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We spent nearly a week exploring this tiny island that takes mere hours to drive around and discovered some picturesque locations, touching scenes, relaxing moments and we even managed to have a bit of adventure travel along the way.

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Our trip to Lanai was made possible by the Lanai Vistors Bureau where we are a part of the New Media Artists in Residence program for Travel Blogs.

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