The Best Way to See Maui – Helicopter Tour of Maui

It's that time again. A time to dream of where to next. A dream destination for many is Hawaii, and Maui is a favourite of many people who frequent the Hawaiian Islands. Taking a Maui helicopter tour with Air Maui made us realize why this place is so special.

The Best Way to See Maui – Helicopter Tour of Maui

Adding a side trip to view the waterfalls of Molokai was even better! So much of the island is uninhabited, wild, and varied. Flying along the coast you can really get a sense how big Maui is. It is the second largest island of the Hawaiian islands with a population of about 150,000 people.

helicopter tours Maui

Flying over Maui on a helicopter tour

As music like the Superman theme, Hawaii Five-0 and, other traditional Hawaiian music played in our headsets, our pilot flew us over the coast telling us about the history of the area.

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He pointed out interesting points like Kahekili rock, where Chief Kahekili’s lept to his death. What we loved was how he turned around back and forth giving everyone equal views of waterfalls and coastline. You never felt that you were missing out.

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A little further down there is the Kahekili blow hole. You can walk down to see it as well.

As I write this I looked at my map and realized that we have stayed close to this area in the past.

Kahekili is near Ka'napali beach near Napili Kai. Napili Kai was our first introduction to Maui and we fell in love with it there.

helicopter tours Maui Hawaii

The island of Maui is the perfect place for a helicopter tour

After a flight over the North West Coast of Maui, we made our way to the island of Molokai to view its magnificent waterfalls.

A helicopter flight is the only way to see many of these waterfalls and you really must make a point to see them.

Sea Cliffs of Hawaii

The sea cliffs of Molokai are the highest in the world! It's difficult to notice how high they are because the mountains disappear into the mist as Molokai is often shrouded in crowds.

Molokai is the least populated of the Hawaiian Islands and tourism isn't quite as popular here as it is on Maui. I would love to visit Molokai one day though as it looks absolutely astounding.

helicopter tours Maui waterfalls of Molokai

Waterfalls of Molokai

Papalaua Falls was a highlight as we could fly right into the horseshoe of these tall falls reaching up to 1800 to 2000 feet tall.

Our helicopter hovered at a height of 1500 feet for a magnificent look. He circled around several times giving everyone ample time to capture photos, videos and take in the dreamlike view.

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If you haven't taken a helicopter flight, Hawaii is one of the most popular spots to try it for the first time.

It's wonderful to fly over the tropical rainforests and witness the strength of the sea. Maui sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and winds and weather drop here first. You really do get a sense of the power of Mother Nature.

We felt safe and comfortable in the helicopter and enjoyed the flight very much.

About Air Maui

Air Maui offers different Helicopter Tours of Maui. Ours was the West Coast of Maui and Molokaii waterfalls. Prices for this 60-minute flight is $322 per person.

Thank you to the beautiful Fairmont Kea Lani for putting us up in their all-suites hotel in Wailea.

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