Going on a Moose Safari – It Doesn’t Get More Canadian Than This!

We were lucky enough to see 18 moose on our wildlife safari in Algonquin Park with Voyageur Quest. We know you don't want to read a lot on Canada Day. It's your holiday, so to make things easy for you, we thought we'd share our latest video – An Algonquin Park Moose Safari.

Going on a Moose Safari – It Doesn't Get More Canadian Than This!

It's your time Canada. It's a time to enjoy a beer on the deck, soak up the summer heat and get outside to enjoy everything Canadian. To celebrate summer, we thought we'd pay tribute to one of our great Canadian symbols, the moose. Whenever we think of wildlife in Canada, we picture the moose. Just like hockey, the loon, the maple leaf and mounted police, people identify moose with our country.

Moose Photography Safari

We joined renowned wildlife photographer Rob Stimpson on a photography canoe trip to his favourite haunt for moose spotting in the world famous provincial park. Algonquin Park is one of the premier places in Canada to see moose and we had an encounter with many.

For more information on Moose Safaris and Alquonquin Park tours visit the Voyageur Quest Website.
To check out the award-winning wildlife photographs of Rob Stimpson visit his photography website.

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