We are very lucky to be able to do what we do for a living. We know it and appreciate it because we spent so many years not doing what we loved. We would only dream about jetting off to places like Switzerland and now we get to experience these incredible moments on a regular basis. Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Switzerland is one of those destinations that I never thought I’d go back to. I went once in 2002 because my sister had a free place to stay so I took advantage of visiting an expensive country on a cheap budget.

A decade later, we’re back in Switzerland staying at places like the Grand Hotel National Lucerne and the Grande Hotel Suisse Majestic in Montreux with Expedia.

hotel suisse magestic hotel suisse magestic

The Grand Hotel Swiss and our View of Lake Geneva

We felt grand indeed. Having a great place to stay is one thing, but it’s only a small part of the travel experience. It’s the activities and adventures that make a trip for us so we hopped in our rental car after the Adventure Travel World Summit and hit the open road. From Lucerne to Geneva we explored the Swiss countryside. From

eating fondues, to meeting up with Freddie Mercury, tasting wine and relaxing in a Swiss Spa, we did it all after our week of adventures.

Check out this video highlight of our time in the country. From ziplining to climbing the high ropes and trotti biking to ebiking, Switzerland is an adventure lovers paradise. But not only that, it’s filled with beautiful scenery, stunning architecture, cosmoplitan living and it’s famous Swiss spas. For a decadent adventure vacation, Switzerland is the place to be.

The Best of Switzerland

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Our Switzerland tour is brought to you by Expedia.com where we rented a car to take us around the country, stayed in amazing hotels and visited the incredible scenes that you had the chance to witness in the video above.

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  1. Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista

    Switzerland is a beautiful country that is also full of great opportunities for a wonderful adventure. I actually stayed in the Grande Hotel Suisse Majestic in Montreux and the views are amazing. Did you have a chance to visit the Museum restaurant for fondue??

    1. debndave Post author

      We didnt’ have fondue at the Museum restaurant but we ate at another place that had amazing fondue at Caveau des Vignerons. The Grande Hotel is amazing isn’t it. When we walked in we were like “Ok, I could stay here awhile”

    1. debndave Post author

      I wish it was, but alas it was another couple. They were practicing for a show happening at the Chillon Chateau in Montreux. It was awesome to watch though, what a treat.

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  3. Andy

    Wow, as if I didn’t want to go to Switzerland badly enough before…

    Do they have any agro-tourismo type farms there? Just wondering cause that farm looked like a really fun place to get a great meal and stay the night.

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  5. Anita

    Hilarious video, I love it! And I’m happy about the fact that you visited the Gantrisch region and had some fun in the Seilpark – it’s actually where I come from :-) keep on posting such great stuff

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