On October 9, 2012 over 600 delegates from 55 nations gathered in Lucerne Switzerland for the Adventure Travel World Summit. It is a gathering of like minded people exchanging thoughts, learning from one another and helping to change the world through responsible tourism, activism and conservation and to simply have a lot of fun.

dave on flying fox in Switzerland

Dave on the Flying Fox, Pre Summit Adventure

This years conference attracted the likes of Alexandra Cousteau, Taleb Rifai of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Where’s Andrew of National Geographic Travel, Rob Torres, That managing director of Google Travel and my man Dave Bouskill of ThePlanetD.com.  I sat in the front row frantically taking notes as I learned from them all and was inspired with new ideas not only to help my business go, but to make the world a better place.

Adventure Travel World Summit, More Than Just a Conference

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There is so much more to the Adventure Travel World Summit than just being a conference. There are performances from around the world happening on stage. There are demonstrations outside such as Louis Palmer taking people for a ride in the Solar Taxi that he drove around the world in to raise awareness about global warming and to show that there is hope for the future. There was David O’Hara of SUP for All in Ireland who changed his life and opened a stand up paddle boarding business and has never stopped paddling since.


SUP for All

There was a media room for the likes of National Geographic, USA Today (and can you believe us?) to relax and meet and catch up on work. Different food from a different country was served each day at lunch and the marketplace was open for people to meet and learn about each other’s companies. The fun and unique touch was the traditional Swiss Cowbell ringing through the building to signal that it was time to move on to the next meeting. Everyone worked hard during the three day conference, but there was much fun to be had too and the parties happened each night into the wee hours of the morning.

Delegates at the ATWS

Playing Hard at the ATWS

We watched videos of daredevils from Norway balance on cliffs only to show up and perform live, right in front of us. Quebec Canada stole the show when they gave everyone snuggies to dance in during their Aboriginal performance after an inspiring video, and Switzerland showcased their brilliant ad campaign of having rural Swiss men prepare for tourists by doing the most ridiculous and meticulous of tasks with the most hilarious of punchlines.


Now that makes it more than just a conference

Check out The Switzerland Tourism Videos for yourself, They’re hilarious

The highlight was when the stars of the campaign were brought on stage at the end of the conference to hand over the clock to Namibia, the host of next year’s ATWS.

And in the end it was Namibia, who brought tears to my eyes with their voices as they closed the show. It is their singing that we chose to open our video of the Adventure Travel World Summit and then continue to highlight everything that you can do when you participate. Stick around. The video starts at the conference and ends with some thrills and shenanigans all around the country of Switzerland.

Our Switzerland tour is brought to you by Expedia.com where we rented a car to take us around the country, stayed in amazing hotels and visited the incredible scenes that you had the chance to witness in the video above.

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  1. Steve@exploreearth

    WOW! I think this is a good convention or event to be part in. On the next Adventure Travel World Summit, I’ll definitely join this and meet those interesting people and learn from them about the tourism.

    1. debndave Post author

      Hi Steve, I’m glad you are inspired. It is a great conference and what a destination next year in Namibia. I hope we have the chance to go as well.

  2. Jesse

    Norway is getting popular hosting a lot of this kind of talents. I read from some national newspaper how they give such promotional press release for these kind of daredevil events.

    1. debndave Post author

      I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. I was quite uncomfortable watching this guy. People seem to be pushing themselves sto the extreme and I’m not quite sure I want to be around to watch someone fall over a cliff. I squirmed in my seat during the video, but enjoyed watching him on stage. :)

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