Travel tips, stories, and adventures from our travels in Italy

Gondola on the grand canal of Venice

Venice A City Tour By Boat – The Way it Was Meant to Be

“Venice is meant to be seen by boat.” That is what our guide Jennifer said to us while we waited at the pier for our private tour of Venice. We were taking a tour of the city by water taxi. A sleek and classic white boat where we lounged under the sun in the lap of luxury.

gladiator school rome practicing

Gladiator School in Rome – Your Own Colosseum Experience

When we were told that we’d be spending the morning at Gladiator School during our visit to Italy’s capital, we immediately said, “Sign me up!” Who doesn’t want to learn a little about the Ancient City’s past while getting the chance to wield a sword?

ancient rome in photos featured image

Ancient Rome in Photos

Ancient Rome is Fascinating. Especially in photos. Looking at the city from both night and day gives you a different feeling. Streets are crazy busy during the day yet hauntingly peaceful at night.

Rome Vs Paris – Showdown of Romantic Getaways

When it comes to a romantic city break, Paris and Rome are always top contenders for places to go to sweep your partner off their feet in a romantic, exciting and culture filled few days. With both cities offering many similar advantages, when it comes to making the decision you have to ask yourself – are you a Roman or a Parisian?