Winter Photos: Cold can be Beautiful

The First Snowfall happened this weekend here in Ontario, Canada and it was beautiful. The world can be stunning in winter. Many people dread the coming snows but we are really looking forward to spending a winter at home in the Great White North. After waking up to a blanket of snow on Friday morning, I was compelled to go through my photos to view some of my favourite winter landscape Photos.

We have travelled to some amazing lands that offer incredible winterscapes. I'm looking forward to grabbing my camera to take more photos as the winter goes on and these shots definitely are getting me excited for our upcoming trip to Antarctica.

Enjoy the Snow! 

Winter Photos: Cold Can be Beautiful


Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska



This photo of Icicles really screams winter



The Athabasca Glacier in Alberta, Canada



A photo of Winter Wolves



Winter sets in this Nepal Photo



The St. Lawrence River in Winter

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