Our Most Memorable Moments from Wales in Photos

Have you ever had an OMG Moment? While visiting Wales last autumn, we had many and we want to share our most memorable photos of Wales with you!

It makes sense that Great Britain has taken the abbreviation OMG to the next level and it's now #OMGB. (Oh My Great Britain!)

While visiting Wales, we said “Oh my” so many times and to celebrate the launch of #OMGB Home of Amazing moments, we thought we'd share our favourite OMGB moments from Wales in photos.

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Wales Photos

You'll love the new website OMGB.com, it's filled with amazing moments from all around Great Britain including a few from yours truly.

It's an inspiring way to explore a country. A picture says a thousand words and these moments truly capture experiences all around England, Scotland and Wales.  So, I really don't need to write much more to showcase the amazing time we had in Wales,

I can just show your pictures!  But before we go on, we want you to have your own OMGB moment with a vacation in Britain! Read on…..

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Great Britain

wales photos dave snowden

Enjoy our favourite moments from Wales in photos.

Exploring Carreg Cennen Castle

cennen castle wales

Wales is filled with Castles and having Carreg Cennen Castle all to ourselves on our way to Llandeilo was a highlight. A wedding was going on that day and as we were walking down, the bride and groom were walking up. Priceless.

Coasteering in Pembrokeshire

coasteering wales

Coasteering was invented in Wales and one of the first operations was Preseliventure. They are still going strong and if you want to explore the coast by traversing along the sea, jumping into the water and swimming into caves and waves, this is for you.

See: Coasteering in Wales, it's not as scary as you think!

Seeing Snowdonia

snowdonia train wales

Snowdon Mountain in Northern Wales is the highest mountain in Wales.

You can hike up to the top in a few hours, but if you have limited time you can take the train.

When you reach the top, you have the option to look around for about an hour, or you can take your time and hike down at your own pace.

Bouncing Around at Bounce Below

bounce castle wales

One of the most unique tourist attractions we've ever been to was Bounce Below in Blaenau Ffestiniog.

It is a giant underground cavern filled with trampolines, ziplines and a via feratta. This part of Wales is fast becoming the adventure capital of the country.

See our video and read about Bounce Below at our post: The Ultimate Playground for the Kid in You!

Discovering Portmeiron

wales photos port meiron

Portmeiron is a cute little village modelled after Riomaggiore in the Five Villages of Italy.

There are hotels, shops and artists studios in the village located on a picturesque lake.

We stayed at the Portmeiron Hotel which was like stepping back in time.

Lobster Safari

lobster safari wales

A unique safari experience is going out to catch lobster with North Wales Sea Fishing Trips.

Read all about our Lobster Safari at Catch of the Day, A Lobster Safari in Wales

Admire the Coast

coast of wales

Wales has a beautiful coast and you must hike along the many coastal trails, get out on the water either kayaking or on a boat tour and admire its beauty.

Serene Moments

dave beach wales


When travelling it's easy to get caught up in running from place to place, but taking the time to enjoy the stillness at sunrise or sunset can help to put your travels into perspective.

When we sit quietly on the beach, we realize just how beautiful this world is and how lucky we are to be able to explore it.

Go for a Walk

deb castle wales

Going for a walk through any village in Wales will probably lead you to a castle somewhere.

If you want your fill of castles, Wales is the place to be!

Quiet Moments

sunset field wales


How could we not end with a sunset? One of the glorious things about travel is the opportunity to see the sun set from a different part of the world.

The skies were on fire during our time in Wales and this evening was a beautiful moment snapped from our hotel room window.

One of our favourite parts of travelling is remembering moments.

It's the little moments that often stand out. Sure the adventures make for great stories, but it's often the quiet moments that we remember most.

Travel lets you connect to each other, make new friends and find peace and stillness within yourself. It's about finding moments that will occupy your memory forever and that is what Wales will do for us. We'll remember each moment there for the rest of our lives.

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