Travel Photography Roulette Round #7: Portraits

Congratulations Travel With a Mate! You are the winner of  Travel Photography Roulette Round #7.

We just loved this photo by Travel With a Mate.  It is a great use of depth of field. The subject is separated beautifully from the background. The eyes draw us in and it is clearly taken while traveling to another country.  It tells a story of a shy child and it makes us want to more about who she is.

Travel Photography Roulette

It was a difficult decision with so many fantastic entries. We had a hard time narrowing it down to just one.  We explained our decision on our Post: Travel Photography Roulette Round #7: And the Winner is…

travel photography roulette child

We were a little late noticing this cool contest on Twitter. Being in China last month caused us to miss out on a lot of happenings on the Internet. But it didn't take us long to notice the hashtag #PhotoRoulette for round 6 of the contest that was hosted by Don't Ever Look Back.

Started by Jeremy at LivingTheDream, this contest is a great way for travel lovers and bloggers to get to know one another and share and promote their favourite photos. We were lucky enough to win that round and our reward is to host Round 7 of Photography Roulette. WooHoo!


One of our favourite things about travel is the people we meet along the way.  Starting a conversation, breaking the ice with a smile and having a laugh with a person from another culture can create a memory to last a lifetime.  We may not able to speak the same language but we can all understand an act of kindess or an friendly exchange.

We have faces etched in our memory from our travels over the years and having a photograph helps to remind of us that special moment in time. So we have chosen the theme of portraits. Show us your favourite shots of the people you have met around the world.


The rules of the game are simple. The hosting blogger is the chosen winner of the previous week’s (7 days) game. The new host chooses a generic keyword or phrase that other bloggers submit photos to during the course of the week. Phrases can be as generic as ‘signs' all the way to abstract thoughts like ‘religion' and everything in between.

At the end of the week, the hosting blogger chooses their favorite photo that fits the chosen phrase and moves it to the top of the post as the winning entry with direction to the new host's site for the next round. Readers can attempt to sway the author into picking a certain photo via comments but the author can ignore comments as they see fit.

The game is repeated with the winner hosting the following week's game and choosing a phrase for new photo submissions. The following is a list of the previously played rounds of the game and the hosting blogger for each. This list also doubles as a winner’s table as each topic host won the preceding round! Click the host’s link to go directly to that entry to see some stunning photographs from the chosen term/phrase!

1Nov 4-10, 2010Living the DreamAnimals
2Nov 17-24, 2010Skinny BackpackerRoad Signs
3Nov 29-Dec 6, 2010Dream a Little DreamStreet Art
4Dec 8-Dec 15, 2010Flashpacker HQFestival
5Dec 17-Dec 24, 2010Over YonderlustLandmarks
6Dec 26, 2010-Jan 2, 2011Don’t Ever Look BackBeaches

For Round 7, We have chosen the term: Portraits, and my photo submission is below. Those interested in playing please provide a hyperlink to a photo you'd like to submit in the comment section of this post and we will host it on this page. When submitting an image, please provide a brief description and location of where it was taken for captioning. On January 13 we will announce the winner and that blogger can start the next round. For more inspiration on what our idea of portraits are check out these photo stories, The Many Faces of India or The Window of The Soul travel photography roulette india
So, who is ready to show off their photography skills? The best Portrait wins the week and bragging rights.

Extra Criteria to Keep in Mind When Submitting a Photo:

  1. One submission per Blog (so sites that have 2+ authors only get one entry).
  2. No photoshopping allowed unless specifically called for! Cropping and correction for red-eye or camera flaws are ok, however.
  3. Abstract submissions welcomed as long as it fits within the interpretation of the chosen phrase. Remember, the hosting blogger chooses the winner, so if they cannot understand the submission, you might not win!
  4. Keep phrases general so that all bloggers can participate. Specific items like “Eiffel Tower” should be avoided but rather made open-ended like “monuments.” For variety, it is ok to say focused things such as “monuments at night” in which most of us have pictures of.
  5. Abstract thoughts are appreciated, but keep it within the realm that all readers will understand. No “Kafka-esque”, but “Overlooking Creation” is able to be interpreted by all.
  6. No obscene pictures or phrases allowed. Suggestive phrases and photography can be accepted, but please keep it within reason.
  7. After a sufficient period of time, phrases can be reused, however new photos must be submitted.
  8. Keep the ideas and photos fresh!
  9. Pictures from your entire portfolio are fair to submit. You do not have to take the photo within the week of the contest period to submit it.
  10. Most importantly, ALL PHOTOS MUST BE YOUR OWN.

So Leave a comment with your link and description and lets start this round of #PhotoRoulette Entries for the Portraits round are the following:

Entry #1: Magda – Destination World

travel photography roulette children

I met this bunch of kids when motorbiking around the island of Bohol in the Philippines. They were very eager to practice their English with us and get their photo taken.

Entry #2: Travel With A Mate

travel photography roulette child

Entry #3: Bruce – 40 Plus Traveler

Entry #5: Cam – TravelingCanucks

travel photography roulette peru

Girl on the Floating Islands of Lake Titcaca, Peru

Entry #6: Kelly – Hip Traveler


Entry #7: Iain – Mallory on Travel

Entry #8: Deb – Based in London

travel photography roulette religious

Here’s my entry – after some pondering, I’ve decided on this shot of an Ethiopian monk, photographed at a small monastery in the hills behind Axum. Love the colours and the intensity of this holy man.

Entry #9: Priyank –

travel photography roulette india

“I know something I won’t tell”, Himalayas, India.

Entry #10: Hester – Uncommon Place

Entry #11: Globetrotting Girls

travel photography roulette mexico

We came across this mariachi in Mexico City last year and for us, he embodied Mexico just perfectly: belting out traditional Mexican songs with utmost ferver, wearing a traditional costume and sombrero.

Entry #12: Erica – OverYonderlust


Entry #13: Dina – Vagabondquest

Entry #14: Christy – Ordinary Traveler

travel photography roulette nuns

Drunk Nuns in Prague: I came across these nuns drinking beers in Prague. I thought it was the weirdest thing. They noticed me snapping a photo so they cheers-ed me!

Entry #15: Norbert – GloboTreks

travel photography roulette china

Hmong Girl dressed in traditional clothing. She was the sweetest thing at the entrance steps at Wat Phra Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai

Entry #16: Dee- Dream a Little Dream


Entry #17: Simon- Wild about Travel


Entry #18: Kristy- Vagabondkids


Entry #19: Wes- Johnny Vagabond


Entry #20 : Katrina –Tourabsurd


Valerie was born in Hungary and was a Holocaust survivor. Indeed, it is her outspoken spirit that saved her family’s life as they were being led away with everyone in the neighborhood to be executed. It was a silent winter day, and she complained loudly to her mother, “I am not used to this cold!” A young soldier, who was from the village, heard her and caught her mother’s eye. He quietly motioned for them to get out of the line and run. They were a short distance away when the first shots were heard.

Entry #21: Marcello – WanderingTrader

birds argentina

Caught this young kid in action having a great time with the birds. The cigarette at first I thought ruined the picture but in essence shows the real Argentina, taken in Cordoba.

Entry #22: Bethany – Beers and Beans

italy boys

Piano- Italy. These boys came into the car and I was immediately drawn to the older boy as he played his sad songs on the old accordion. His little brother collected the money and they never cracked a smile. The boys hands looked 30 years older than him and showed a lifetime of work. His eyes were piercing. In an instant they disappeared. The sad weight they carried in their faces stayed with me the rest of the ride.

Entry #23: Kris – 2Sporks1Cup

Entry #24 – TravelnLass

Entry #25: Dustin – Skinny Backpacker

Entry #26: I Hope Cheetas Don't Eat Us

baby africa

We met this baby, whose preferred toy was animal dung(!), at a German run Himba orphanage in Namibia. While we got some beautiful portraits, our time at the orphanage was sad. We learned that they only send 4 kids to school from the orphanage every year; they explained that they do so because students who go to school would rather wear western clothes. As a person who values education more than anything, this broke my heart.


Entry #27: Kevin – The Mad Traveler

Entry #28: Jeremy – Living Dream RTW

Entry #29: Kristy – No Place to Be

travel photography roulette candy

Exploring a minority village near Dalat, Vietnam we found this little guy watching us with curiosity.

Entry #30: Stephen -Bohemian Traveler

travel photography roulette oranges

My Korean students picking tangerines on their field trip to a citrus farm on Jeju Island.

Entry #31- Rebekah Rabinowitz


I went on a walk while on a mission trip in Kenya. This tiny little lady, with her colorful layers, had something to tell me, and she was serious about it. I spoke no Swalhili and she spoke no English.

Entry #32: Linda – Live Travel Blog

My photo is of two Swiss Guards standing outside the Vatican City. The colours of their uniform are absolutely beautiful.

Entry #33: Martijn- Martijn Reintjes

travel boy

Former Honduran street kid looks nervous before he has to go on stage to perform in his very first play.

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