TBEX Keynote: The Evolution of Travel Blogging

TBEX Cancun starts next week and we're very excited to be attending the travel blogging conference of the year this year.

We're also very excited to be speaking again in Cancun and wanted to share our TBEX Keynote from Toronto when we talked about the Evolution of Travel Blogging. This time we're going to be running a session called From Pitch to Profit: Earning money with Your Brand.

The Evolution of Travel Blogging: TBEX Toronto Keynote

Last year we had the honour of being keynote speakers at TBEX Toronto.

It was a special moment for us to speak in front of our peers in our home town. We had so much fun sharing our thoughts on the evolution of travel blogging. Where it started and where we think it is going to go.

To gear up for TBEX Cancun next week, we thought we'd share our video of our keynote speech in Toronto with all of you. We talked about how far travel blogging has come in such a short time.

We discussed past, present and future travel trends and we made our own predictions of where we think Travel Blogging will be going in the coming years. It was fun to look back to see what predictions were right and what ones we were off the mark on. Anyone remember Dave declaring Google+ would take over Facebook? We know how that ended up!


We hope you enjoy our presentation.

As you read this, we are on our way to TBEX Cancun and we can't wait to meet up with our friends that we've made over the last 5 years of blogging. We're also looking forward to making new friends to, so make sure to say hi to us if we don't already know you.

If you aren't going to TBEX Cancun, we'll be seeing you at TBEX Greece. We're excited to attend TBEX Greece as non-speakers. We were already going to be in Europe at that time, so we bought our tickets and will be swinging by.

It's going to be a relaxing time for us. It's going to be so much fun attending as a guests with no pressures of speaking or preparing. Just pure fun and networking. See you there!

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