Surfing Taiwan – Jinshan Adventure in Photos

Nobody ever thinks about going surfing Taiwan, but as you can see from these surfing photos, the Taiwanese do.


Surfing Taiwan

This is a blessing and curse depending on how you look at it.


surfing taiwan beach

Lots of litter on this Taiwan Beach

Surfing Taiwan – a Blessing

surfing taiwan calm water

Wave riders traveling abroad often opt for better-known breaks in Hawaii, Malaysia, and the Philippines, so Taiwan's lack of reputation is a blessing because it helps to keep the waves relatively uncrowded–especially for those willing to drive a few hours out of the city.


surfing taiwan waves

Taiwan Surfing – Nobody Knows About it

gliding waves

It's a curse, however, because it means that the world continues to miss out on Taiwan's excellent surf (and it is, in places, epic).


happy locals

Not that I'm complaining.


jumping waves

One of the most popular places to surf in Taiwan is Jinshan, a beach less than an hour's drive from Taipei.

surfing taiwan locals

It's the closest beach to the capital city and has good waves for learning on, so it's more crowded than most breaks (if you're interested in going there, you'll find all the information you need about Jinshan here)

surfing taiwan shoes

Surfing on a So-So Day


These surfing photos will give you an idea of what Jinshan is like on a so-so day when the waves are small and messy.

surfer wave

It was still pretty great (and not too crowded).

surfing taiwan surfers

surfing taiwan under wave

Surfing in Taiwan under a wave

surfing taiwan waxing

Have you been surfing in Taiwan? Where is your favourite untouched place to surf around the world?

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