Spain Photos – Best of #InPyrenees

We took a hiatus from sharing our time in Costa Brava as we traveled through Switzerland, but we're back baby and starting with our Spain photos round up! Spain is starting to feel like a second home to us. We visited the country (particularly the Catalunya region) three times this year.  We made amazing new friends that we know we'll be in touch with for life. We fell in love with the people and the landscape and we could actually see ourselves settling down there in the future.

What? Settling down? 

sunset in Spain

Spectacular skies over Pyrenees

If we ever do, Spain is a place that is dear to our hearts. It has it all. A pleasant climate, the Pyrenees mountains for tons of adventure, The magnificent coast of the Costa Brava, the beautiful town of Girona and of couse, the city of living art, Barcelona. We travelled through the region with old and new friends who are starting to feel like family. The kind of family that you can say anything to and know that you will always be close.

One of our favourite things that we all did together as a team was share photos on Instagram. With iPhoneography expert Kirsten Alana leading the way, we all raised our Instagram photos to a whole new level on our group trip through the Pyrenees. Landlopers shared his round up of Instagram photos that you can check out and we've already shared our Switzerland Instagram photos in a previous post, now it's time to see what shots we took in Spain. Spain is beautiful and we had so may Spain photos that we captured on camera, that I thought I'd re-start our Spanish posts with a photo round up. Enjoy this photo journey in real time of what we experienced each day while traveling through #InPyrenees.

Spain Photos

Our trip started in Barcelona where we checked out a lot of the Gaudi architecture which you must do when visiting the city. But we also visited some lesser known places, enjoyed the markets and took in the beautiful church views.

a church in Barcelona

The Architecture of Barcelona

We then began our trip to Girona, one of the most pleasant locations in all of Spain. Sitting on a river, this town is a quiet place to relax, but just busy enough to know that you can go shopping, sit in a cafe, stroll along the waterfront or have a late night drink on an outdoor patio. It has it all.

Spanish Cafe

Girona at Night

We hiked through the Pyrenees mountains. There are amazing paths and it's an outdoor lovers mecca in both winter and summer. With downhill and cross country skiing for snow lovers and hiking and climbing for the trekkers at heart, you'll love spending time in the Pyrenees.

The Pyrenees Mountains Spain

Hiking through the Pyrenees

We didn't just hike either. We took a trail ride through the mountains. Our horses meandered through an old pilgrimage route from the HOtel Vall d Nuria. It's actually a hotel built around a church. Women come here to pray for a baby and according to our guides, it works!

Spanish hotel with horse

We Rode Horses

We didn't just ride horses, we also sat atop some mules. The Catalan Donkey Promenade took us through the Garrotxa volcanic Area Natural park as we were photographed by the Spanish press.

Mule in Spain

and Mules

We learned about the fine art of making Gin and Tonic in Spain. This isn't your grandmother's G&T. In Spain there are different types of gins and tonics and they are infused with everything from cucumbers and berries to lemons and limes.

bar in spain

Gin and Tonic, an art in Spain

The Catlunya region of the country drinks their wine a little bit different than the rest of the world. Porron is the art of drinking out of drinking your wine out of a wine pitcher. The real pros can extend their arm far away from their mouths and pour the wine without spilling a drop. I did not master the art, but had a lot of fun trying.

drinking traditional wine in Costa Brava

Not quite mastering the art of drinking Porron

Each day ended with beautiful sunsets. We gathered enough pictures of sunsets that we could publish an entire post of Sunset Spain photos on their own. But for now, here is one of our favourites.

Sunset in Spain

Sunset over Pyrenees

It's a fact, the Rain in Spain doesn't only fall on the plain. It rained a lot during our time in Spain, but luckily we saw most of the downpours from inside trains and while eating one of our epic four hour lunches. Rain in Spain isn't so bad when you're sipping champagne.

Rain in Spain

Rain from the Train

Spanish architecture is astounding. It's ancient, well preserved and beautiful and we had the opportunity to visit many a church and cathedral during our time exploring the Pyrenees region of the country. We even had the opportunity to take tours behind the scenes and snap some shots from abandoned hallways above the rafters.

church in spain

Interior Church

We visited Monasteries too, like the Sant Pere de Roda monastery near Porto Cristo located high on a mountain. It's heavenly.

spanish monastery at sunset

Monastery in Spain

We almost had the chance to take flight over the Pyrenees in a hot air balloon, but just as the first balloon lifted off, the weather took a turn for the worse and our balloon captain called off the flight. All we managed to get was a photo of our deflated balloon, laying forelorne on the Spanish countryside.

hot air balloons in Spain

Nearly took flight

So there you have it, our Spain photos round up. It was two glorious weeks in the country and we look forward to going back soon. Me thinks a winter trip is in order. We would love to snowboard, cross country ski, snowshoe and camp in the winter wonderland of the Pyrenees. See you soon my dear Spain!

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We were invited to explore the Pyrenees region of Spain with the Costa Brava tourism board. For more things to do in the Pyrenees and the Northern Spanish Coast at the Costa Brava website

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