Giant News!!!

We are happy to announce that we will be joining Sir Richard Branson on his inaugural flight to space next year.

It is something that we could only dream about as a couple of regular people that decided to start a travel blog two years ago. According to his people it was our adventures in New Zealand; predominantly our stunt pilot flight and our skydive that finally helped them to make their decision.

They had been following our adventures for the past year on Twitter and had us in mind as candidates. Once they saw all of our adventures in the sky they knew that we would fit the Blogger portion of the media slots.


Flights to Space

The founder of Virgin Atlantic likes to connect with the public and doesn't want the flight to be loaded with only billionaires. He keeps an eye on anyone with a sense of adventure, even the small ones like us!

After all Richard Branson is the ultimate celebrity adventurer!

He had been scouring the Internet for someone that could represent the average public. Someone that people could actually relate to.

Eventually prices will come down on flights to space, and people will one day be able to add this to their bucket list. The first commercial airline flight cost a small fortune and look at the industry today and now everyone can fly!

Our Lives are About to Dramatically Change!!!

Immediately after the Mongol Rally we will be meeting the team in Beijing. China is a leader in technology and will be taking the world into the 21st Century. It was the natural choice for the planning stages of the first public flight to space. We didn't have a lot of time in Beijing so we are very happy to be able to revisit the city at a warmer time while planning the ultimate trip of a lifetime.

Stay Tuned for more details as the moment approaches!!!


This Will Be Us

If you believed this, you can join us on our next sponsored trip to the moon!

For the rest of you that knew we were totally full of crap…Happy April Fools Day!!

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