Romantic Lake Louise – A Perfect Couples Vacation

Picture if you will, the beautiful iconic setting of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Alberta. This legendary hotel sits on the beautiful Lake Louise looking out at a beautiful Glacier. It's one of the most picturesque settings in the entire world. Now imagine spending a romantic week at Lake Louise with the one you love. A perfect couples vacation can be had in winter at romantic Lake Louise!


Sharing moments with the one you love is so important

Dave and I had the chance to spend a few days exploring the Lake Louise region and realized that it may just be one of the most romantic winter getaways anyone could have. While our accommodation wasn't at the Fairmont, we stayed close by and the more charming and quaint Deer Lodge. Deer lodge is more our speed as it is a more intimate hotel that still has a very rich history. Located just a few minutes walk from Lake Louise, we had the best of both worlds. We had a more quiet atmosphere at our own lodge, but had access to all the amenaties of Lake Louise.

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And what is more romantic than a Winter Sleigh Ride?

A Sleigh ride around Lake Louise.

A Sleigh ride around Lake Louise.

The Fairmont offers daily sleigh rides leaving from the front of the chateau and it takes you up the trail to the mouth of the glacier. As you ride along the trail with a blanket on your legs cozied up to the one you love, you feel as if you are in a movie. Didn't every Hollywood Christmas movie of the forties and fifties have a sleigh ride scene? And here we were living a movie moment.

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The Romance of Banff and Lake Louise

The ride lasted about an hour and a half and took us to the end of a trail to view a beautiful frozen waterfall. We love waterfalls, we spent our time in Iceland searching for waterfalls, but there is something extremely spectacular about viewing frozen waterfalls. I love how the world can seem to go to sleep in the winter and turn from a roaring thunderous flow to a silent and still sleeping giant.

Skating on Lake Louise, Alberta

Skating on Lake Louise, Alberta

Speaking of frozen water, there is nothing more Canadian than strapping on a pair of skates and hitting the ice. There are two iconic places to skate in Canada. One is the Rideau Canal in our Nation's Capital – Ottawa, and the other is on Lake Louise in Alberta. The Fairmont rents skates for everyone, and anyone can skate on the frozen lake. They even clean it off every day with a zamboni.

Skating on Lake Louise

While we were there they were getting the ice castle ready for the season. We didn't get the chance to see it built, but we did get the chance to play on the ice and snap photos of ourselves standing on Lake Louise with the beautiful Rocky Mountain Landscape in the back. It sounds crazy, but for us to be able to skate together on Lake Louise, was fulfilling one of our travel dreams.

If you love photography, Lake Louise is a photographer's dream destination. Dave took some time afterwards to grab a few postcard perfect shots and once he was finished, it was time to warm up.

The beauty of Lake Louise, Alberta

The beauty of Lake Louise, Alberta

Deer Lodge has an incredible rooftop hot tub that looks out at Victoria Glacier, but since we were so close to Banff, we wanted to check out the Banff Hot Springs. I had heard of these hot springs since I was a kid.

As a matter a fact, the Cave and Basin National Historic Site, where the Hot Springs are located is where Canada's National Park System was born in 1885. Banff National Park was the third national park founded in the entire world! These hot springs used to be the main reason anyone came to Banff and even today it is one of Banff's largest attractions. It's no wonder we had heard so much about Banff Hot Springs.

Relaxing in the Banff hot springs.

Relaxing in the Banff hot springs.

The Hot Springs were a bit of a surprise for us I must admit. We were expecting more of a rugged location and were taken by surprise that it was simply a large swimming pool. However, that didn't matter because the water was hot and after days of freezing outside, it was a welcome change to feel the heat warm our frozen toes.

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We rented old fashioned swim suits that people wore back in the turn of the century. It was a hoot to be in the big one piece suits and we caught the attention of everyone in the pool. As we talked to people, they wanted to rent them too!

What we loved most about the Banff Hot Springs was the price. We had just gotten back from visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and were taken aback by the €65 price tag. To visit Banff Hot Springs will only set you back seven bucks and a bathing suit rental is only a buck fifty. Now that's a bargain.

The romantic Deer Lodge.

The romantic Deer Lodge.

To end your romantic Lake Louise getaway, a romantic dinner is in order. We went back to our own Deer Lodge to eat at the most noted dining rooms in Lake Louise. It's the perfect romantic dinner location. Soft lighting in a beautiful log cabin setting looking out at the Rockies. We ordered wine from their extensive wine list to go with our Alberta Beef and Rocky Mountain Charcuterie Platter.

After dinner we retired to the fireplace to sip wine on the big leather couch and we even plucked out a few notes on the piano. Is that not romantic or what?

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