China at Night; A Photo Story

When the sun goes down China's cities come alive. China is a busy and overcrowded country, but when exploring the city's of China at night, things slow down and you feel that you can breathe again. 

China at Night in Photos

hong kong skyline at night

Each city bursts into a neon work of art to welcome the dark.  Historical sites, town squares, skyscrapers and street vendors. No one can escape the electric glow in a Chinese city and really who would want to.

shanghai at night

Late evening was our favourite time of day in China. Walking through the while streets admiring the patterns of light gave us hours of entertainment and we weren't the only ones.

street vendor working at night in china

Hundreds of people made their way down to the waterfront or the walking streets and squares with their tripods in hand to take that magic shot of a famous China city at night.

tianamen square at night in china

China at Night in Beijing – Chairman Mao's Portrait hangs at the Gate of the Forbidden City

china at night motorcycle parked

Downtown Yangshuo. This Motorcycle parked right in front of me while taking this shot. It ended up adding foreground interest to the photo.

More favorite moments after the sun goes down.

xi'ian traffic at night china

China at Night in Xi'ian – Bell Tower with Traffic going around the Square

china photos at night xiian

Drum Tower Square looks like Paris

shopping street shanghai nighttime

China at night in Shanghai's Shopping and Pedestrian Street

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street vendor beijing

Beijing Street Vendor

shanghai's deserted Bund at night

Shanghai's Bund is nearly deserted at night.

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