Our Favourite Photographs by Country 2010

Photos are a large part of our blog and definitely deserved to have their own post in our 2010 “best of” round up.

A photo can transport a person to a place instantly.  We visited 10 incredible countries in 2010 and coming up with our favourite photos of the year was almost impossible.

We spent three months in India alone, and could have had an entire photo post that country.  Oh wait, we already did that way back in March, You can see those photos at Our Favourites From India, A Photo Story.

Moving on…

We sat down together to go through the thousands of photographs sitting in our hard drive from the past 12 months.  Choosing one photo from each country that we visited this year, we came up with 11 favourite photos. I know, we visited 10 countries, but we count Hong Kong and Mainland China as two since they had separate immigration.  Besides, it allows us an extra photo!

Enjoy the memories of our past year in snapshots.

Sunset at Patnem Beach Goa

Goa Sunset, India

This sunset in Goa was the most beautiful we have seen in our lives.  It was one of those evenings where everyone stopped what they were doing to look out over the water and take in the view.

Panorama of Himalaya Mountains in Nepal

Panorama of Himalayas Nepal

It is almost impossible to capture the gandeur of the Himalayas.  The best way that we can revisit them is in a panoramic view of the mountains.  Behind that plume of smoke lies Mount Everest.

Sunset at Hikkaduwa Beach Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa Beach, Sri Lanka

If there is one photo that sums up Sri Lanka it is this one. The perch of the fisherman standing strong against the setting sun as high tide rushes in. One crumbling perch refuses to give in and the country's flag is fastened strong, to remind it to keep fighting to survive.  Sri Lanka has had its share of turmoil, but maybe now it can rebuild and stand united.

Dragon Fountain at Palace of Versailles in France

Approaching Storm at Versailles, France

The clouds rolling in made for a dramatic shot of the Dragon Fountain at the Palace of Versailles. At first we were upset that we visited the palace on such a dreary day.  But then we noticed that the storm clouds added depth and texture to our image creating some of our most colourful photographs from Europe.

Night Shot of Toledo Spain

Medieval Town of Toledo, Spain

We were driving back to our campsite at dusk when we looked behind to see this spectacular view of Toledo. Turning the car around we set up the tripod and took the shot just before the sunset to complete darkness for the night.

Italian riviera of Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera

We didn't have a lot of time in Italy. We only made a quick detour from Cannes France because we heard that the Cinque Terre of Italy was not only stunningly beautiful, it also offered an amazing day hike through the Five Villages.  It didn't disappoint with exquisite views of colourful towns dangling over the Mediterranean Ocean.

Denali-National Park

Denali National Park – Alaska, USA

Taken from the seat of a Focker 50, this shot of Denali National Park in Alaska really shows the vastness of the land and the beauty of its mountainous landscape.

St. Kitts Marriott resort

St. Kitts Marriott Resort in HDR Photography

St. Kitts is a small island. We climbed a volcano, zip lined over a jungle canopy and visited a fun local beach, but it was this shot from our balcony that captured the beauty of the island and the feeling of truly escaping the stresses of life while visiting the Caribbean. It was Dave's first crack at HDR and he enjoyed playing with the photomatix to give the shot a feeling of fantasy.

Main Island of Fiji at Sunset Pearl Resort

High Dynamic Range Photography of Fiji

Dave has really started getting into High Dynamic Range photography.  He takes 3 different exposures of one scene and sews them all together into one photograph.  It creates a true image of what your eye sees. By capturing the perfect exposure each section of the frame, every colour, bit of light and pattern comes out with perfect clarity in the photo. This photo made our beach in Fiji look out exactly like the paradise that it is.

Hong Kong's Skyscrapers

Hong Kong Skyscrapers

Hong Kong has one of the most impressive skylines on the planet.  Standing across Victoria Habour taking shots of Honk Kong islands make for beautiful photographs, but standing in the centre of the skyscrapers and looking up makes you realize just how giant these building are. This photo brings back the feeling that we had while in Hong Kong.  We were always looking up in awe at these monster buildings.

Three Gorges River Cruise on the Yanzi, China

Yangzi River, China

I know what your thinking.  You cheated, you already have a photo of China above in Hong Kong.  Technically yes, Hong Kong is a part of China, but they are two very separate entities and we thought that they could warrant two separate photos.  After all, we didn't need a visa to enter Hong Kong but we needed one for China.  We even had to go through a border crossing to enter Mainland China from Hong Kong.  Therefore, we get an extra photo for an extra country and this photo is our favourite.

On the Three Gorges portion of the Yangzi River  the sun barely breaks through the haze causing the perfect reflection on the water surrounding a fishing boat below. In the distance is a multimillion dollar bridge connecting this once remote area to the rest of China.  This is a perfect image to sum up China where the old and the new collide.  Two fisherman try to earn a living the way that their ancestors have for centuries while big business and commerce spring up all around them.

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