New Zealand’s Stunning Landscape


A Self portrait on some beautiful lake in New Zealand

Have you ever had one of those moments where you have no idea where you are but you just had to get a photo of the moment in time? That is how I was feeling this day.
Deb and I were cycling to camp when we stopped at a lake to take in the extraordinary view of New Zealand's countryside. The water was the perfect colour of turquoise. It is exactly what I expected the glacial waters of New Zealand to look like. The sky was a deep blue and there was just enough cloud to give rich texture to the photo. A storm was blowing in causing a rainbow above the clouds.

I decided to set up my camera and take a self portrait. My first one ever!

It captures exactly what I was feeling that day, completely satisfied with life at this moment. I don't think I have witnessed such a stunning scene in all my travels and I wanted everyone to see what I had seen.

I have no idea what the name of the lake is or what the mountains are called in the background but sometimes you just need to share a moment rather than a name and location.

This trip to New Zealand is sponsored by the Flying Kiwi a great way to get around the country with fellow travellers.

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