Ketchican Zodiac Adventure Alaska-Video

The best time we had on an excursion during our entire Alaskan Adventure was during the Zodiac Explorer tour with Ketchican Tours. We manned our own boat and pushed the throttle to wide open as we zipped around the waters of Alaska's first city.

Bald Eagle diving for food on our Zodiac Tour

The day went on for hours and we witnessed Bald Eagles and Whales from the seat of our tiny boats.  Stopping for a genuine campfire in the middle of the wilderness, we ate smores, fresh salmon and hot apple cider.

It really was a thrill ride to remember.

Learning about the history, the wildlife we grew an appreciation for Great Alaskan Outdoorsman and cannot wait to go back and spend more time in the wilderness of the north of America.

For the full article on our Zodiac trip, check out Ketchican Zodiac Adventure, Whales,Eagles and a Wild Ride

Our Day on the Zodiac



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