International Cheetah Day – Safeguarding these Beautiful Creatures

It's the world's fastest animal reaching speeds of 120 km (70 miles) per hour. The cheetah is beautiful, graceful, magnificent and very endangered. It is the most endangered cat in Africa and the Cheetah Conservation Fund is working to change that. Today is the second annual International Cheetah Day.

international cheetah day kenya

Amazing to see cheetahs in the wild

International Cheetah Day

When we heard that it was International Cheetah Day today, we had to help to spread the word.

It is important to get the word out about the plight of the cheetah so Dave put together this beautiful collection of photos for you to enjoy.

international cheetah day

Cheetah relaxing on African Savanna


We just saw our first cheetah in the wild on our Kenya Safari last week and they are a majestic and beautiful animal.

My jaw literally dropped when we pulled up beside a rock on the African Savannah and witnessed a cheetah basking in the late day sun. The cheetah lives a difficult life. It isn't the strongest of cats so it has to be smart and sly when hunting to survive.

Cheetah Threats

Cheetahs have a 50% chance of losing their kill to other predators due to the fact that they used up all their energy hunting for it.

Running  120 km per hour takes its toll on their body causing them to overheat. Immediately after catching it's prey, it has to drag it away to a more hidden environment to be eaten.

While it cools down, it can't fend off other predators so it is very vulnerable and instead of risking injury, it will give up its kill to anything.

cheetah day

Humans are the Biggest Threat to Cheetahs

However, predators and food are not the cheetahs biggest threat. As usual, it is man that is decimating the population.

As human development encroaches on its environment and farmers kill cheetahs who are a threat to their livestock, the time for the cheetah is running out. It is heartbreaking to think that this incredible species which has survived millions of years, (it is the oldest living cat species) is facing extinction within 20 years if something isn't done to save it.


day of the cheetah

International Cheetah Day


To learn more about the cheetah's plight and to see how you can help, visit the Conservation Fund and for those on facebook, like their Facebook page to join the conversation. Read more about International Cheetah Day at the Huffington Post written by founder Dr. Laurie Marker.

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