Dreams Can Come True, Make Life an Adventure

As you read this we are en route to New Zealand.
Our trip was already booked before the devastating earthquake in Christchurch that affected the lives of so many people.  You can imagine our dismay when we awoke to the terrible news. Our hearts went out to the families and friends waiting desperately for word on loved ones lost or trapped under the rubble of crumbling buildings.

It is a wake up call to how life can change in an instant.

We could have been there. If we had left a couple of days earlier our lives would have been forever changed. Our original hotel was situated right in the disaster zone. We could have been touring the Cathedral that suffered so much damage or walking on the street and hit by falling bricks. We could have been inside one of the buildings that went down and trapped under debris.

Live Life to the Fullest

Like many people, we used to have dreams of changing our lives.  We knew that we wanted to work and be together and that we wanted to make our travels a part of our career.  But life always got in the way.  There was never enough money; there was always an excuse. The timing was never right or we would be offered a contract that was just too good to pass up. “This job would finally give us the cushion to take some time off and really figure out what we wanted to do.” And so we put off attempting to live our dream for years.

Dreams Can Come True

We never knew that dreams really could come true.  When we were young and impressionable we believed it, but as the pressures of life mounted we lost sight of our goals and started living simply to pay the bills and put money away for our golden years. We gave up on trying. Dreams were meant for the young and it was too late for us. We had our chance and it just wasn’t in the cards for us to do something extraordinary. Hey, we can’t all be Angelina Jolies or Brad Pitts. Great success was only meant for a lucky few and we weren’t one of them. But then this past year, we finally started to fulfill our dreams and live the life that we always wanted.   We couldn’t believe that it was actually happening and we had to keep telling ourselves that yes, “great things can happen for anyone.  We are allowed to be happy and successful. “

Rules of Society

Why do we all seem to give up on the dreams of our youth just because things didn’t work out in our twenties? Why do we always think that we are too old to make new goals?  What is that magic number that tells us “Now you are too old to try anything new and you have to settle down, buy a house and live out your days saving for retirement?”   We spent so much time socking away money into mutual funds, RRSP’s and investments only to see it be squandered away and abused by the ultra rich.  We are told to do this and do that, but we are all just worker bees listening to advice that never gets us anywhere. We end up going to jobs we hate to pay off debt that we have accumulated and we have constant stress of getting by while stifling our childhood dreams.

A Life of Adventure

For the first time in our lives we feel that we have a purpose and a meaning to being alive.  We love each day and can’t believe that our dreams are coming true. We often think about what it must be like for that actor getting their first blockbuster role and how exciting it must be for them and then we stop and realize that we feel the same way right now.  Life is exciting and we are so grateful we figured it out.
Sure, we are sometimes embarrassed that we are homeless and don’t have a place to lay our head.  We have pangs of doubt when we have to go back to Canada and have to stay with our parents or crash at friends. But at the same time, we are living an extraordinary life.
Our travels to New Zealand are going to be the adventure of a lifetime.  2010 seemed like it would be hard to top after looking over our Great Adventures and Best Moments in Travel, but 2011 has proven more exciting in the first two months alone!

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During our 4 weeks with Flying Kiwi, we will be living out our adventure fantasies.  From the minute we arrive we are white water rafting, Zorbing, Climbing mountains and hiking on glaciers.  I am going to fly a stunt plane, Dave is going to sky dive and we are both going to sample every thrill that the “Adventure Capital of the World” has to offer.

Make the Most of Your Time

I don’t know what we were put on this great earth for but I do believe that we are supposed to make the most out of our time here.  I also don’t know what your dreams are, but I am hoping that you will be inspired to take a chance and go for it.

We are here to tell you that great things can happen to anyone.  We didn’t think it could but we are living proof that Dreams Can Come True. All you need is passion and commitment. Give yourself the permission to make your life better and fulfill your ultimate dream today.

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