Favorite Food From Traveling the World, So Far

Jen Laceda of My Folie A Deux takes amazing pictures of her travels.  It is her food photographs that not only made very hungry, but also got me thinking about what were some of our favorite meals while we were traveling.

One of the best things about traveling is food. Dave and I seem to plan our days around our meals.  We wake up in the morning and while we are eating our breakfast, we discuss what we are going to eat and where we are going to go for dinner.  We love food. Food makes us happy. And when we discover new and delicious food around the world, well, we are in heaven.

We thought that we would share some of our favorite food from around the world.  We have been to a lot of countries and besides meeting the people, enjoying an authentic meal is always a highlight of our trip. There are willing to try almost any type of food. We have eaten bugs in Cambodia, Snake in Vietnam and Springbock in Malawi.  We have had mystery meat in Sudan and many times we try dishes when we have no idea what we are eating.  We love sampling foods of the world though, it is rare that we try a dish that we cannot stomach. It certainly makes traveling more enjoyable that is for sure.

Here is our list of the best food from around the world

Ethiopia ……Staple Dish – Spicy meat and veggie stews served atop Injera. A type of flat bread made with fermented flour. You rip off a piece of bread and scoop up the stew with your hands.  I just love eating with my hands.  There is something about diving in to your food and grabbing a handful of hearty meats and vegetables.  Meals are just so much more fun when you eat with your hands.  And Wat stews served atop injera are heavenly delicious.

Injera meal in Ethiopia

Injera and stews and authentic Ethiopian mea.

Peru….. Staple Dish – Ceviche – It really doesn't sound like it would be the best dish on earth because it is described as a raw fish stew.  Actually, this fresh fish meal is marinated in citrus juice and it's delicious. Here is my first taste of Ceviche while dining in Peru.

In South Africa we just couldn't eat enough. We had finally finished cycling from Cairo to Cape Town and we needed to make up for months of eating not on the road. It was in the wine region in Franschoek that we splurged on a meal at one of the country's top ten restaurants.  I never thought that I would like Ox Tail, but the chef made it taste so good.  We had an OxTail Pate rolled in Filo Pastry with a perfectly cooked steak piled high on fresh greens and wild mushrooms. Elegant and delicious.  The food in South Africa was delectable what makes it even better is that it is very affordable.

Fine dining in south Africa

Splurging on a fine meal in South Africa

Oxtail with foam gravy dish

A decadant dish of Oxtail with Foam Gravy

Laap in Laos – This national dish is a spicy meat meat salad made with lime juice, mint and chillies. This was our first meal that we ate when we got off of the bus from Vietnam to Vientiane. After 24 hours on a bus, it was pure heaven. They made the food fresh for us on the banks of the Mekong River and we will never forget the experience

Swiss Fondue, Raclette, Cheese Platters….– Cheese, Cheese and More cheese. We just love cheese. In Switzerland it was everywhere and we took advantage of eating their delectable cheeses every chance we had.  It seemed that every meal we ate for 2 weeks had cheese on the menu.

eating a cheese fondue in Switzerland

Cheese Fondue in Switzerland

Bali and Sudanese Coffee Africa is the birthplace of coffee and it was the best place in the world to drink it. Every chance we had we would stop for a roadside coffee.  The coffee was hand ground before our eyes, boiled to perfection over an open fire and we met amazing people while we warmed up during the cold desert morning.

man makes coffee on road in Sudan

man makes us delicious coffee in the Sudan

Africa may have been the birthplace of coffee, but Bali certainly knew how to perfect it. We loved their coffee so much that we took several bags home with us.  It was so sad when we drank our last cup. We need to find a way to get a shipment of Balinese coffee to Canada.

Egypt – an Authentic Bedouin Meal in Egypt. What is cooler than eating authentic Egyptian food in the middle of the white desert. Sure it was served on plastic containers, but it was delicious and we ate in sitting in the sand on blankets in a Bedouin camp.  Our guides cooked over an open flame, served us plenty of sweet tea and cooked up great red stews and meats, potatoes, rice and pita bread. Yummy.  This was certainly one of our most memorable meals during our travels.

eating egyptian food in the desert

Our Bedoin Guide cooking our food over open flame

So there you have it, Our favorite foods of the world so far. Sure we have other favorites out there. Thai Green curry is one of my favorite dishes on earth. I can eat Sushi every day and I love Vietnamese Pho. A savory duck roasted in France and Schnitzel while in Germany are a must and quesadillas and tortillas are a must in Central America. But foods  listes above seem to stand out in our memories as not only great meals, but fun situations and unique experiences.

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