Family Feast for the Holidays, a Unique Toronto Dining Experience

It seems to be all the rage here in Toronto dining. Social dinners not only bring people together, but they are also beaucoup de fun!

If you are looking to escape cooking a massive meal for your family and friends, but still want that holiday feel, head over to Café Boulud at The Four Seasons Toronto for a Family Feast. This dinner was made for the holidays and with today being US Thanksgiving, we thought it was the perfect time to tell you all about it.

Family Feast for the Holidays, a Unique Toronto Dining Experience

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Social Dining Made for a Family Feast

Our meal brought together many of our friends in Toronto to enjoy an evening around the large, yet elegant table. The Chef came out to greet us and tell us all about the feast ahead as we sipped on pre-dinner cocktails. When Halla offered me a Yorkville Affair, I couldn't resist.

What a cocktail. The Four Seasons in located in the heart of Yorkville, Toronto's most glamorous neighbourhood and rose petals infused Tanqueray with St. Germain and cranberry was fitting to its name.

Family Feast

If you are curious how the family feast works, it is prepared exactly how imagine, like the way mom used to. The main dish comes served on a large platter and people serve their own portions on to their plate. It is more food than your party of 12 could possibly finish, so don't be shy to ask for a takeaway container. We did!

Dining Four Seasons

Enjoying a Festive Feast

Eating at a place like the Four Seasons can feel intimidating to some, but with the prix fixe family feast meals, you can enjoy a three course meal for as little as $60 per person designed by a Michelin Star Chef. It's a worry free meal that is perfect for special events or an elegant family gathering.

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Dave's enjoys the Relaxed atmosphere

Because we were guests of The Four Seasons, we had the opportunity to sample two meals, The Suckling Pig and the Clay Baked Chinook Salmon. Dave and I didn't have the heart to tell our host that we recently decided to cut down on meat and attempt to be vegetarian.

When you've attended as many events as we have and eaten the array of meat that we have, it's difficult to do an about face and tell everyone you've gone veggie.

family feast four seasons toronto dining

Salmon Baked in Clay

So we sampled the pig and salmon which we both cooked to perfection but kept our tastings to a minimum. The salmon was especially heavenly. Roasted in clay pots and wrapped in figs, it was tender, juicy and filled with flavour. I don't think I've ever tasted such delicious salmon.

Toronto dining four seasons

Salmon cooked to perfection

Each menu comes with an array of side dishes from roasted vegetables to smooth mashed potatoes and it all begins with a side salad served family style. Our amazing host Halla took the honour of plating our salads for us and did a beautiful job giving everyone a bit of every delicious ingredient.

Toronto Dining

It all starts with a salad

The Family feast meal is comfort food with a whole lot of glamour. Being the pseudo non meat eaters that we are, we dug in to all the delicious sides. My favourite by far was the Honey Crisp Apples. Growing up, we always had pork chops and apple sauce and the chef's choice of honey crisp apples to accompany the suckling pig was a wonderful idea.

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four seasons family feast dishes

A Feast Made for a King!


You can't forget about dessert. We were the stars of the show when General Manager Julie lit our Baked Alaska and fire drew all eyes to our table. It ignited in flames and we could not wait to dig in to the flambéed meringue. This too is served family stye and once the fire went out, it was portioned off for each of us to taste.

Whenever we dine in Café Boulud we always feel special and you will too. It's just the way the people roll at Four Seasons Toronto. They are down to earth, friendly and likeable and if you have questions or comments, they are happy to chat with you about anything you like.

Stay or eat at 60 Yorkville Avenue a couple of times and soon you'll feel like friends and family. Maybe that's why they decided to create the family feast. A festive family atmosphere for the Four Seasons family to enjoy.

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