F-Stop Gear on 5 Continents

This post is dedicated to Dave and his F-Stop Gear.

As I was going through my photographs from the last year of travel, I noticed that I had a running theme of me taking photos of Dave while he was taking photos of the scenery. Dave was recently named to the F-Stop team and to celebrate this huge honour, I thought that I would show off my husband using his F-Stop Camera gear around the world. He received his first item about a year ago and a half ago and in that time, we've travelled to five continents and countless countries.

His camera bag has faced the elements from sand and sleet to freezing temperatures and some very wet circumstances. It's also seen some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth. If I hadn't have seen these places with Dave, I would wish that I were that little black bag on his back! It's been a great year and Dave's little F-Stop gear bag has served him well all over the world.

I know Dave is the photographer in this relationship, but today you are forced to look at my photos of Dave around the world with F-Stop gear. Enjoy!

F-Stop Gear and Dave on Five Continents

F-Stop gear in Antarctica

F-Stop gear in Antarctica

F-Stop gear in Galapagos Islands

My F-stop Gear makes a stop in the Galapagos Islands

F-Stop gear in Hawaii

A quick pit stop for my F-Sop Gear in Lanai, Hawaii.

F-stop gear dry bag in Croatia

Time to gest out F-Stop's Dry bag Kayaking in Croatia

F-stop Gear in Volgograd Russia

Photographing the Mother of Russia statue in Volgograd, Russia

F-stop gear in Mongolia

Photographing Camels on the Steppe in Mongolia

F-stop gear in Tonina Mexico

Walking the ruins of Tonina in Mexico

F-stop gear in Aktobe, Kazakhstan

Photographing churches in Aktobe, Kazakhstan

F-Stop gear hiking the Alps in Switzerland

F-Stop gear hiking the Alps in Switzerland

F-stop gear in San Francisco, USA

The golden gate bridge in San Francisco, USA

F-Stop gear at Trevi fountain, Italy

Having fun at the Trevi Fountain in Italy

F-stop gear in Quito, Ecuador

Braving the elements in Quito, Ecuador

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F-Stop Gear in Ottawa, Canada

Photographing our nations capital in Ottawa, Canada

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