Great Places to Celebrate Earth Hour

Tonight at 8:30 pm nations around the world will be taking part in Earth Hour to take a stand against climate change. Started by the WWF in Australia, it has grown immensely since 2007 to become a global initiative. We all know that 1 hour of lights off won't do much to save the planet, but we hope that it encourages people to make changes in their lifestyle and we thought we'd share a few ideas of types of travels that promote sustainability and encourage lights out every day.

1. Feynan Eco-Lodge Jordan

feynan eco lodge jordan

Rooms lit by Candlelight in Jordan

Nestled in the heart of the Dana Nature Reserve of Jordan, the Feynan Eco-lodge inspires an eco-friendly lifestyle. Vegetarian meals are served under the light of the moon, rooms are lit by candles and the evening's entertainment consists of laying on the roof sipping tea while you watch the stars dance in the night under the crystal clear sky.

Read more about Feynan  in Jordan here.

2. Ger Camp in Olgii, Mongolia


Traditional Ger in Mongolia

There is nothing like stepping back in time when travelling in Mongolia. Land of the horseman, people continue to live life as they have for centuries. Gers are nomadic dwellings that can easily be taken down and packed up to move to the next location and tourists can stay in a traditional camp. These cozy rooms are heated by firewood and lit by candle light. Even late night paths are lighted by candles and short showers are encouraged as the water is not heated.

Bedouin Safari, Egypt

sunset on the white desert of Egypt

Live like a Bedouin in Egypt's White Desert

Sleeping under the stars in the middle of the White Desert in Egypt is one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. Taking outdoor camping to the extreme, we bundled up in sleeping bags with no shelter except for one wall of rugs to keep the wind at bay. With no light pollution to ruin the night sky, we witnessed a spectacular display of stars twinkling in the night.

Back to Jordan we Go….

4. Petra by Night in Jordan

petra by night

One of the initiatives of Earth Hour is to have major landmarks around the world turn off their lights. The Eiffel Tower, Pyramids of Giza and the Sydney Opera House are just of few of the major monuments to go dark. In Jordan, the iconic ancient city of Petra goes dark every night of the year. One can walk along the 2 km siq leading up to Petra's Treasury lit by candles burning in paper bags. When you arrive at the giant monument built within a sandstone cliff, it's entire square is lit up by thousands of candles. Here you listen to traditional Bedouin music and stand awe-struck at the sight of the magnificent structure.

See more Petra by Night Photos here. 

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