Drinks Round the World: The Canada Cocktail

It is the first of the month and this tradition is catching on. Started by TheTravelExperta and LifeCruiser Drinks Round the World is a fantastic way for Travel Bloggers to unite and share a cocktail together.

Drinks ‘Round the World, The Canada Cocktail

Right now we are in Canada, and we want to start our own little tradition at the PlanetD of having a drink that is traditional, unique or popular in the Country that we are happen to be in when the first of the month comes around.

Our first contribution to this joyous occasion was the Bloody Ceasar. A drink very uniquely Canadian.

Today's installment is the Canadian Cocktail.

One of the first drinks I started drinking in college was Rye and Gingerale. I didn't realize that the rest of the world doesn't call it Rye and when I went to the States to order one, they didn't seem to get it. Finally, I had to have a Jack Daniels and Gingerale. It just wasn't the same.

Our Beloved Canadian Club, Rye Wiskey is a light and smooth blended whiskey.  I do enjoy it.

When I started traveling, I saw CC all over the place. Making me proud of our fine spirits.

I have moved on from my Rye and Ginger days but I can still enjoy a nice shot over ice once in awhile.

How fitting that one of the favorite drinks in my life is made from Canadian Club Rye and Canada Dry Gingerale. Wow, I was being very patriotic without even realizing it. Both of these may have the word Canada in their title, but they do not make a Canadian cocktail.


In my research I have found that we actually do have a Canadian Cocktail here in the Great White North. From the Website Pure Canada I found this great cocktail. Here is what they had to say.

Canadian Club Rye/whiskey

maple syrup

fresh apple juice

aromatic bitters

Serve in a Martini Glass,

squeeze in a little lemon

garnish with a lemon rind.

Beautiful and tasty!!!

For full recipe and measurements, check out their site Pure Canada

What a perfect end to the summer and to bring in September with this rich, dark drink.

Bottoms up to Life Cruiser, Travel Experta and Fox Nomad These travel bloggers span the world from Sweden to Costa Rica, and our neighbours to the beautiful south the; United States.  Let's get people from all corners of the world involved!

Anyone else taking part in Drinks around the world today?  If not, get working on it now, there is still time and don't forget to join us next month on the first of October.

Leave a post and share a link to let us know where you are from, and what you are drinking!

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