The Power of Ten

On July 11th, 2011, four intrepid Travel Bloggers will be taking off on the adventure of a lifetime. Yes, it will be a wild ride over 1/3 of the earth's surface and we are going to have an incredible drive through 15 countries, but did you know that we are doing this all for charity?

Did you Know the Mongol Rally is for Charity?

The Mongol Rally may be a thrill ride through deserts and over mountains but it is also a drive for a very worthy cause?

We will be buying a car to donate to the people of Mongolia.  Yes, whatever vehicle we manage to acquire, we will be giving to communities in need. 

We are raising the bar and setting high goals to donate an emergency vehicle like an ambulance or tow truck.  These vehicles are in great demand and it would feel incredible to offer something that will truly be of great value to the country.

The Charity is Two Fold

We have 6 months to meet our goal of not only raising enough funds to buy our car to donate to Adventures for Development but to also raise funds for the Christina Noble Children's Foundation. The foundation is building a ger village for street children and orphans in Ulaanbaatar. 

This is a great program and we look forward to visiting the village when we arrive in Ulaanbaar.  You will see first hand the great work that your dollar is doing.

We need your help and so do the kids and communities of Mongolia.

The reason we took on this adventure is to raise money for a great international cause. It is our responsibility as travellers to give back to the communities we visit and what better way than to introduce you to a country that very few visit in this world.

Our Team mate Sherry Ott has already been there and as she puts it, “Mongolia is a fascinating country trying to rebuild after years of hardships.  The landscape is like no other and the people are some of the heartiest in the world.”  Yet many kids are homeless and orphaned.

Adventures for Development was created to ensure that all vehicles driven to Mongolia are dealt with responsibly and that they go towards funding bonafide charitable causes and projects.  They work in conjunction with the Mongolian Authorities to protect the environment and the local car markets and providing the greatest benefit to communities in need.

What we need from you.

We are looking for donations, any donations. We propose a challenge to get as many people as we can to donate just $10. The power of 10 can go a long way.

Ten dollars is a couple of Lattes at Starbucks, it is a little more than meal at McDonalds or less than renting a couple of movies.  If you could find it in your hearts to donate just $10 we could kick start our fundraising efforts and see that there is hope that we will be able to follow through with this zany idea of traveling across continents together to bring some good to people in need.

We have started a PayPal donation charity page where you can easily give today.  Paypal is convenient and safe. 

To give you an idea of just how safe it is, Dave and I do all our online business through paypal. That is how huge companies pay us to advertise and how we  transfer payments to our bank account.

We will be posting our money raised and will be documenting exactly where it will go. 100% of all money raised will go directly to charity.

The Christina Noble Foundation and towards our car that will be donated to Adventures for Development after crossing Europe and Asia to it’s final destination in Ulaanbaatar.

Better yet, you will see exactly where your dollar is going as we will be visiting our charity and we will be met directly by Adventures for Development y upon our arrival.  How often do you get the chance to see what your money is doing.  Through video, photography and writing we will tell you about the charities and adventures every step of the way.

New Website

Check out The Social Media Syndicate for more information about our team, the route, the rally and the adventure.  Sherry Ott, Rick Griffin, Dave and I will be blogging regularly from the Social Media Syndicate Website and you don't want to miss a thing!

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