Cycling Crash in Tanzania turns Bad

It has been 7 days since we rejoined the Tour d'Afrique after our amazing 2-week vacation. Things feel a little different now. New riders have arrived and some have left. Their presence is missed greatly. For me especially, Janet. We miss you lady!

The section started out in Arusha and we are heading south towards Malawi. Day 1 was a beautiful fast day on tarmac and Dave and I came in with quick times. Dave at 3 hours 11 min and me at 3 hours 30 minutes. I was feeling great after a 2 week rest.

Cycling Crash in Tanzania turns Bad

The following days we hit rough roads again, but for some reason I could ride them well by now. Things were going great for 2 days on the gravel and dirt and I was feeling very strong. Dave was so strong that he finished the section in 4 place overall!

But I have a little story to tell you about this crazy tour, things can turn in a heartbeat. On day 2 of our off road riding I had a minor fall and cut my knee open. Dr. Luke was there at lunch when I arrived, gave it a quick clean and off I went on my merry way.

Cut to 2 days later…

I awoke to severe pain and swelling in my leg and had to ride the bus considering I could hardly walk. That night, Dr. Luke took a look at my knee and decided that I could have broken my tibia. Holy crap, there goes my Tour d'Afrique.

We set up an X-ray for the following morning and off we went. When I got out of the bush buggy, he saw it in the sunlight and decided that no, it is definitely an infection called cellulitis. I was already on antibiotics, so it should clear up. We went for the X-ray anyway to be safe and since it only cost $2 to have done. Can you believe the price of that one, I even got to keep it.

Everyone was so kind at the hospital, all of the other patients were watching me limp and saying Pole Sana (very sorry) to me. Glad to let you know, the X-ray was fine.

Infection Getting Worse

However, 2 more days had gone by and my infection was spreading instead of getting smaller. My leg had doubled in size and the redness had spread from my ankle to my thigh and I was freaking out.

Dr. Luke is fantastic and he decided last night that we would go on ahead to Iringa and see a surgeon there just to make sure that the infection wasn't getting worse. Kristen came with me because I refused to let Dave give up his EFI for another hospital visit. Long story short… 2 hospital visits later, several different antibiotics, pain killers anti-inflamatories and bed rest have finally allowed me to stand up straight.

Rest Day

We have a rest day here in Iringa tomorrow, so hopefully after relaxing for an entire day in bed, while Dave takes care of the bikes and every other chore that is needed to be done, I will be able to get back on the bike. Riding the trucks is a painful experience!

We enter Malawi in 4 days time and we are back on good roads. I think that someone up there, just knew how much I hate riding on these terrible bumpy roads and decided to give me a break guilt free:) I will keep you posted on my leg, I am guessing one more day on the bus for me, but you never know, a day of good food and rest can do wonders.

Now let me tell you about Dave's week. He road fast, hard and had a couple of baboons follow him trying to get to his water bottles full of Fast Fuel. I think it was that particular moment that put him into 4th. He probably took 15 minutes off of his time while he was being pursued by these vicious little monkeys:)

All in all it was a tough week. 7 days straight in wet and hot weather, very rough roads, long mileage and no suspension. Looking forward to some cruising on pavement.

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