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boy in mid flight india steve mccurry

Iconic Photographs by Steve McCurry

Phaidon Press have just released Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs, a large-format limited edition book that includes 165 of his most evocative and famous photographs like the Afghan Girl pictured above.

photography roulette

Travel Photography Roulette Round #7: And the Winner is…

We had a whopping 33 entries for Travel Photography Roulette, the portraits edition and have to say that there are an amazingly talented bunch of travel photographers out there on the Internet. It was a challenge having to choose a winner when every photo was unique, inspiring, well executed and just as compelling as the other. Photography is subjective. What one person likes isn’t exactly what another would. We decided that the only way to choose was to set up a very strict criteria before we even started. Otherwise we our heads would be spinning for days. Before we put up the original post last week, we came up with 5 things that we would look for when choosing the winning photo.