Blogging; Baby Steps to a Breakthrough

Over the past few months I have started to develop a bit of a routine with this blog.  Mondays have generally been my week in review and basically my day of discussing my fears and frustrations with everyone.

I have come to enjoy my Mondays.  I take stock as to what I have accomplished and what I need to work on.  Most of the time, I feel pretty pleased with the week.

Blogging; Baby Steps to a Breakthrough

However, I never really know how I am going to feel until I start writing. Most of the time, I feel as if I haven't done anything and then as I write about the week in review, I say to myself, “Well, that wasn't so bad”

Unfortunately this week, as I begin to write this post I wonder…did I accomplish anything?

Am I getting any farther along with theplanetd?  

We are leaving in less than two months for India, and there is so much to do.

Packing, moving and organizing life isn't all that stressful to either of us. We have done it before and we know what we need to do before we step on the plane. 

Organizing the blog and keeping up to date with what needs to be done on the Internet? Well that is another story. And this week I feel that I fell desperately short of fulfilling my goals.

Giving Back Series

On one hand, I was happy with our posts.  Our Giving Back Series is going over very well and we are inspired by our guest contributors each week.  We are learning about many different ways that travelers can give back to the communities that they visit and we are finding new ideas for ourselves on how we too can hopefully make a difference like these wonderful writers.

We were also surprised to have the Marriott get in touch with us to host a $50 giveaway towards a night at one of their great hotels.  I have seen several other bloggers host contests and we finally felt that wow, maybe we are doing something right if a company is asking us to help promote their product.


I even picked up my speed and wrote a couple of posts quite quickly and effortlessly.  Revisiting Songkran Festival in Thailand and Surfing in Bali put a smile on my face, and I was happy to put up some videos that I didn't have on the blog before. They are older videos so I didn't have to do any editing, but at least I added some new content for all to see.

Speaking of video, I have edited a new video from our time in Alberta.  Thanks to visiting NomadicMatts website regarding his first attempt at adding video to his blog…I found a great website for free non copyright music. 

It is a great find and finally, I won't be using my beloved Itunes music anymore. We are going legit!  Thanks to the music provided at music alley

You can see our Rocky Mountain Adventure in the sidebar to the right.

Now for other news…

Our views are down a couple of hundred hits a day these past couple of weeks.  I remember reading an article in Problogger about this.  He said not to become stuck on numbers.  There are several different reasons why website views ebb and flow.

It could be seasonal for all I know.  Maybe in the autumn months people are busier. The kids are going back to school, summer is over and they aren't thinking of vacations right now, so travel sites traffic could be down.

I don't know really what the reason is, but I do know that things have dropped considerably.  However, our subscribers are growing steadily which makes us happy since at least we have people interested in coming back to see what is new.

I feel that I may have bitten more than I can chew lately, however.

I have been trying to juggle articles for the Unique Article Wizard, I have signed up for MatadorU's travel writing course, I am in the process of moving and taking things to storage, I am trying to plan our trip and visit friends and family before we leave.  It has been difficult to keep up.

So much so that I have decided not to renew my Unique Article Wizard subscription.  Luckily there is no obligation and when things slow down, I will probably sign back up. But for now, I just don't have the time. 

We did manage to submit a lot of articles in the two months that we had it though at everyday articles were being accepted somewhere providing valuable link backs.

I get my new MatadorU chapter on Wednesdays. And I will be honest with you, so far I haven't even looked at my second lesson.  Things have just been crazy. I am having a little bit of difficulty prioritizing what needs to be done.

Travel writing has always been my goal

So I am upset with myself that I have already let MatadorU slide so my goal today is to sit down and spend the time on my lesson.

I also have really let my visits to other blogs lapse. I just cannot comprehend how people do it with such ease. I stop by a website and see that everyone has already been there giving words of encouragement and support. It is amazing and something that I really need to work on.

Dave has worked hard as well on top of his 12 hour days on his TV Series.  He comes home and works on all of our technical aspects.  He has set up our podcast site, he has downloaded all of our apps for our iPhone, he has fixed errors and problems on the site and he as started to work on his photography site as well. 

He amazes me.  This blog wouldn't be anything without him.  He has designed it, fixed problems, changed the layout and a million other things that I can't even think of because I am not qualified to even know what he has been up to.  He just magically works on something and things get done!

So it is the beginning of another week and as I sum up the post, I see that yes we did make some steps forward this week. Not giant steps, but baby steps.  Every week there is something that keeps me going.  I recently read a post on a website that stated that most Bloggers give up too soon and probably just when they were about to have a breakthrough.

There is no way that we are going to quit writing and running this blog.  We love it, but I must say, that I really hope that a breakthrough is on the horizon.

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