Bahamas on Holiday

It's a Civic Holiday in Ontario, Canada and it just so happens to be a Holiday here in the Bahamas where we are spending our long weekend. We've flown out to the Exumas to spend a few days at Staniel Cay to enjoy the yet to be opened Embrace Resort and experience all the activities available around the island. You may think of Atlantis when you think of the Bahamas, but there is so much more to do in this Carribean Island chain.

Exuma Bahamas

The Bahamas have 700 islands and 365 of them are in the Exumas. As our friend Angie of AngieAway said, there's one island in the Exumas for every day of the year. Staniel Cay is one of the smallest populated islands in the Bahamas and that is what makes it so appealing. When you visit Staniel Cay, you can't help but have a local authentic experience. We'll be seeing the odd sight of swimming pigs, visiting the iguanas of Thunderball Grotto which was made famous by the James Bond film Thunderball, and snorkelling in the pristine waters of the Exuma Land and Sea Waterpark.

So, enjoy your long weekend and we'll see you on Tuesday. We've decided to enjoy our four day weekend in the Bahamas and unplug for the rest of our vacation. We're on island time now and as the owner of Embrace Resort said, “Can't everyone just be in the moment and enjoy the experience?” To that question, we say a resounding “yes!”


Were on the boat watching a sailing regatta in the Bahamas

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