It is that time. We may or may not have Internet until we reach Ulaanbataar.

By the time you read this we will probably be somewhere in the middle of the desert in Mongolia or stuck on a road in Kazakhstan somewhere.

So many things have happened during the Mongol Rally and we haven’t had a chance to write about them all. We spend a lot of time in the car traveling great distances each day and have very little access to internet.

I can’t wait to get home and share all of our amazing stories, experiences and photographs with everyone.


Our Last Hurrah in Kiev before hitting the open road

For now, we are hoping to be able to keep the twitter and facebook updates going thanks to the use of our OneSimCard.

However, we do plan on being in touch via text with the ladies of SMAC and they are going to be giving you little updates every few days of our progress.

It may be a satellite image of where we are and where we’ve been or it may be a post with a bunch of text messages strung together from our communications with them.

But make sure to keep coming back to the site, we’ll make sure that there is something on here every so often.

In the mean time, follow us on Twitter at @theplanetd and keep an eye out for the hashtags #mongolsms and #mongolrally

We’ll be microblogging from here on in!


Dave and Deb

PS, make sure to follow @ottsworld and @rickgriffin on twitter too! They’re our teammates and will be updating regularly as well!

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