Week In Review and The Countdown Begins…Again

Time is really flying by.  Dave and I have to make the decision as to whether or not we  are going to give notice this month or next.  We have to give 60 days notice and Dave’s series ends 3rd week of October, so we think that we should try to be ready to leave at the beginning of November. Besides, if by some miracle we win this leg of the Vantastic Adventure, we would be leaving at the beginning of November, so all around, I think it is a sign to take off in just a little over 2 months.

Wow, so much to do.  You all know the drill, prescriptions need to be filled, physicals need to be taken, taxes need to be done, packing needs to start.  Oh the list goes on and on. But we have done this before, so I think we can manage if we stay focused.

So, our week in Review Mondays will start including our preparations for our trip as well.  Hopefully this will help others that are leaving in the next year or two; add to their list of things to do that they may have forgotten.  It is great to have a head start on things rather than scrambling at the last minute like we are about to do.

But for now, lets do a round up of our week last week.

Thanks to Keith at Velvet Escape our Giving Back series debut was a rousing success.  It is so inspiring to see people help communities that they travel through. You can read about his post about Supporting Local Art for your own inspiration and then get ready for Marina’s post tomorrow from another of our favorite blogs TheTravelExperta.

I am still regularly putting out 2 articles a week through Unique Article Wizard.  While I submit to the wizard, I also post to Ezine at the same time. They recommend this and it has worked out well. The articles are being approved at Ezine and they are being approved daily from article directories.  We haven’t seen a spike in views yet, but we have only been doing the wizard for 3 weeks.  I assumed that we would submit for a month and then start seeing some traffic a month later.  It should help we think, because we are starting to create some links out there.

At the suggestion of Kevin at TeppanGuru we signed up for backtype.  It is a way to see who is saying what about your posts in other places on the internet. I think that it is good but be forewarned, if you have been on twitter for awhile or have a lot of followers, your inbox will be cluttered with comments for approval.  Every time someone retweets a post about you, it will go into your comments for approval section.  It took me awhile to clean out my inbox and most of it was useless as it was just a lot of retweets with no extra comments. I don’t bother approving them unless they have commented along with the tweet, which doesn’t happen very often.

But I have learned that Google likes blogs that have lots of comments so to add a few more each day is a bit of a bonus.  I don’t know if I can keep up to approving twitter comments though while we are traveling, so I am going to leave the plugin for now, but it might disappear in a couple of months.  It does have a great feature however.  You an click on the word tweets just above comments and see how often and who tweeted your post. I see that we are tweeted a lot more than our little retweet button tells us.

We also had an eye opener, that nobody has much to say about us outside our blog and on twitter.  We have the odd comment from Reddit, but nothing else from Stumble, or digg etc.  So, it is a good gauge to see where you stand. If you want to learn step by step how to add backlink to your blog, go to Kevin’s blog. He gives a lot of great advice regarding Twitter as well.

On another note, I have started a bootcamp last week.  I bought it at a charity auction a few months ago for Dave, but he had some health issues (which ended up being a string of false tests and he is completely fine) and wasn’t allowed to work out.  Then he was back on movies all summer working 15 hour days, so he couldn’t work out again, so I guess I had to step in and do the workout for him.  I really hate workouts.  I enjoy treks and climbing and hiking, but sprints and weights and squats? I hate it.  However Athina and Allison are full of motivation and energy and I am surprised to see myself getting up every morning at 6:00 am work out when I don’t have to.

6:30 am I am out on the waterfront huffing and puffing and trying to keep up. Of course I am the only new person in the class and everyone else has been going for months.  So, I am feeling a little inadequate.  I keep telling myself that we are Canada’s Adventure Couple, so I need to get back into shape, but really, I would much prefer sleeping in and going for a nice walk.  After the Tour d’Afrique, I really lost interest in exercise.  120 days of constantly pushing myself to the limit has a way of turning you off a workout.  This however is definitely a quick way to build my stamina again and gain back all of those extra pounds that I acquired over the past 8 months.

For those of you in the Toronto area wanting to get yourself in the best shape of your lives,  check out their website Body By U Bootcamp

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