This week we had the pleasure of visiting Rome with some great ladies of the travel blogging world. As usual Dave was the only man in the mix of many women (not that he was complaining) so when we took a stroll to the Trevi Fountain at midnight, he just had to snap a photo of his entourage.

After an incredible guided 7 course dinner at Armando al Pantheon led by Gina of Context Travel, we were in desperate need of some exercise. So what does one do at midnight in Rome? We go to the Trevi Fountain of course. It’s the only time you’ll see this iconic landmark free of crowds tossing coins in to assure their return to the ancient city. At night, there are few people around and you witness the true beauty as to why this fountain became so popular in the first place.

Feeling like a movie star, we all dipped our umbrellas down to our feet, smiled for the camera and made a wish. It was like a dream to spend 6 entire days in Rome and 3 with these wonderful ladies on our incredible Apartment in Rome Adventure with HouseTrip

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  1. Susie

    i always thought Rome is such a magical place to be in. I’ve been dreaming of going there someday. Lucky for you guys. :)

    1. debndave Post author

      Hi Susie, I hope you make it one day. We’ve been wanting to go for years. i remember about 5 years ago when I still worked in TV, I said to everyone that I’d love to be able to fly to Rome for a long weekend getaway. Could you imagine having the freedom to do that? Now we finally fulfilled a dream of going somewhere we too have been dreaming of going to for some time as well. I know you’ll make it soon.

    1. debndave Post author

      Thanks Erica, we were happy. It was a really fun time in Rome with all these super ladies! I hope we can have a housetrip reunion in the near future!

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