Travel Inspiration: From Little Englander to Travel Lover!

ricky durrance

When I saw that The Planet D were looking for inspirational stories about travelling and how the experience has helped shaped people’s lives, I immediately thought about my own travels and whether or not I could express accurately how the experience affected me. It has taken a few drafts but I think (and hope) I have managed to communicate how spending just under a year living out of a backpack has given my life a direction it so sorely needed!

by Ricky Durrance

From Little Englander to Travel Lover!

Like most people who frequent travel blogs as readers, visitors or bloggers, I spent a certain time abroad exploring different regions of the world after finishing university. Prior to this trip, I was what we in my country call a “Little Englander.” I rarely left these shores, apart from the odd cheap all inclusive holiday with friends and family to Greece, Spain and alike (think Karl Pilkington, just with more hair and a less grumpy outlook on life!) Going abroad never really appealed to me that much – that was until I was persuaded to join my friends on a round the world trip that seemed to be a lot more appealing than carrying on with a dead end job in central London.


Ricky Teaching in Cambodia

So off I went. Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, USA and New Zealand – in little under a year I visited more places than I previously had in my whole life. But here is the crux of the issue. Unlike some people, I did not have a one single moment that stands out as a life changing experience. Of course there were moments – visiting an orphanage in Cambodia; having a beer with a man and his wife who were planning on spending seven years living and exploring the Australian outback; spending 36 hours travelling through Malaysia on every mode of transport possible. All great memories which have, to some extent, shaped my outlook on life. At the same time, though, I didn’t think about how these experiences were shaping me as a person. As far as I was concerned, I was a long way from home with a group of mates, having a laugh.

Finding a Purpose Through Travel

However, what I did take away did not become apparent until a few years after I returned. Travelling had inadvertently given me a purpose in life – a direction I badly needed. Being location independent is not something I could ever commit too – I would miss the comforts of home, my friends and family far too much. But just because I am no longer a traveller does not mean I do not love talking, writing, tweeting and researching everything to do with travel.

the grand canyon

Ricky at the Grand Canyon

Before and after university I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. As a history graduate, I quickly came to the conclusion that the chances of me becoming a history professor were relatively low. After a few meaningless jobs and failed ventures, it hit me. What could be better than interacting with, writing for and developing relationships with the sort of people I have met and greatly admire? What I also find extremely rewarding is helping the ordinary holidaymaker find a holiday, just a week or two here or there, that will appeal to them. Not everyone is a traveller; in fact the vast majority are not. But this does not mean that the average person who goes abroad for a break from work does not love travelling – they just prefer to do it a bit differently to the travel blogging community!

great barrier reef

Ricky at the Great Barrier Reef

Travelling has done much more than just providing me with a few experiences. It opened up a whole world that will ultimately shape my career and day to day life. Just think, if I had stayed at home – what would I be doing now?


Ricky Durrance is Web Relations Executive for Beat the Brochure. Follow him on Twitter @rickydurrance

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