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taking flight over Milford Sound, New Zealand

Taking Flight Over Milford Sound

Posted by on January 18, 2017

The helicopter flies along the rugged cliffs of Milford Sound with views across the stunning scenery from every window. You feel the thrill of flight as the pilot navigates through this unique geography. The highlight of this aerial adventure is the glacier landing at Mount Tutoko, the highest peak in Fiordland. Milford Sound Flight Taking a helicopter […]

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Header

The Balkan countries in Eastern Europe had been at the top of my travel wish-list for as long as I could remember. Everyone who had been to Bosnia & Herzegovina told me incredible stories filled with beautiful sights, friendly people, and delicious food. While all of that sounded amazing to me, I’ll be honest — what originally […]

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things to do in Kyoto

Once the capital city, Kyoto remains the cultural and spiritual heart of Japan. With so many things to do in Kyoto like ryokans, tea houses, zen gardens and food markets, it is one of the most visited and loved cities in Japan. Known for its remarkable history and ancient traditions, Kyoto has managed to preserve its […]

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tips to start a travel blog

So, you want to start a travel blog. Travel blogging is the new “it”  job, like being a rock star, actor, or a football player. Everyone wants to be a travel blogger and we can help you get there.  “Running a Travel Blog is the best career – ever” How to Start a Travel Blog We will […]

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As each year comes to an end, I always like to go through and select my best photos of the year. It gives me time to reflect on where we travelled to as well as live out those moments again. This year was a bit of a crazy one. We visited 20 countries on 5 […]

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travel blogger

“How do I Become a Professional Travel Blogger?” That’s a question we get a lot. People that run their own business in the real world work 18 hours a day to achieve success, and so do people who run a successful travel blog. We put in long hours every day. Luckily, we love what we […]

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