I rather like London’s weather for photography. The dark storm clouds and overcast sky makes for the perfect setting for the historical buildings and landmarks. Standing outside the Tower of London while a storm swirled in and out over head offered up an ominous view of the Tower Bridge.

I could imagine the dark and rainy days when those who committed treason against Mother England were rowed to the traitors gate to have their head severed by the axeman.

There is a dark history in London and the weather helps to illustrate the past and lets your imagination run wild. If I experienced a sunny day to take my photographs, well…that wouldn’t make for a very interesting story would it?


The Tower Bridge of London

It was after I took this photograph that the rains came in full force. We ducked into a Starbucks to hide from the downpour. It quickly filled up once the hail started to beat down. That’s when we decided to call it a day and head back to our cozy apartment in the Islington area. The old stomping grounds of Tony Blair while growing up.

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  1. Jarmo

    Love the photo,

    I totally agree that bit of clouds makes a much more interesting photo than perfectly blue sky. Only problem taking photos in a storm is that, well, it’s rainy, which generally makes photography a bit more difficult ;)

    I used to also take plenty of photos of the tower bridge because I lived 15 minutes away from it, I especially liked going there during sunsets, which provided shots like this http://www.arcticnomad.com/2010/10/15/tower-bridge/

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