Travel through the Pyrenees is a feast for the eyes and a treat to the senses. I mean that in every way. The food, the drink the company and most importantly the scenery will give you sheer pleasure every day. We had the opportunity to travel through some of the most beautiful landscape in Europe as part of the blogger trip “#InPyrenees” with the Costa Brava Tourism board. They made sure that we saw everything. Days were jam packed from morning until night where we rode horses and donkeys, segways and ebikes. We drank wine and more wine, ate cheese and more cheese and ate so much cured meats that we started to actually start to cure a little bit ourselves! It was two weeks of absolute indulgence and in the process we took some pretty amazing photographs.

It’s amazing to witness just how close this mountain range is to the coast. At times, you can see the coast from the mountains and at others, you can see the mountains from the coast. One minute you feel as if you are deep in the middle of the mountains far away from civilization until you are reminded that you are only a couple of hours away from everywhere.

We were transported from untouched medieval towns to trendy boutique hotels, quiet resorts inaccessible by road to Michelin rated gourmet restaurants. The Pyrenees has it all. One need not vacation anywhere else when they choose to visit the Costa Brava region of Spain. You can be on the coast one minute basking in the sun or hiking an ancient trail along a mountain pass the next. It is a destination that has something for everyone.

So Enjoy this Visual Journey Through the Pyrenees.

hot air balloon over Pyrenees

A Hot Air Balloon over Pyrenees of Spain

Cross over looking Pyrenees in Spain

View Near San Privat Spain

travel photos of The Pyrenees

Vall de Nuria

monastery in Pyrenees

Sant Pere de Roda Romanesque monastery

Monastery in the Pyrenees

Church Near Sant Pere de Roda Romanesque monastery

Monk Gazing at Monastery in Spain

Santa Maria de Ripoll romanesque monastery

travel photography of the Pyrenees

Vall de Bianya

waterfall and river in Pyrenees

Hiking Through the Pyrenees

Spanish Door to House in Pyrnees

Door to an Inn in the Pyrenees

the Cost of Spain view of Pyrenees

View of Port de la Selva from the Pyrenees

Works of Dali at Dali House

Dali House

cap de Creus

Cap de Creus, Natural Park in Catalunya – Views of the Pyrenees

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  1. Carl

    Some of the most beautiful images I have seen of the Pyrenees. You guys are good. really good. Next time come see us in Perpignan France. Send us an email.
    Do you have images of Perpignan France? Love to see them.

  2. Addison S.

    Stunning photos, especially the first one. The hot air balloon ride looks like a trip that everyone should have on their bucket list. There is nothing more beautiful than looking back from a coastal beach at the rising peaks of a mountain range.

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  4. Laurence

    We stayed in a lovely villa just near the Port de la Selva, and one of the highlights was visiting that amazing monastery on the hill :) Spectacular photos as always!

    1. debndave Post author

      Ooh, Croatia is a great choice as well. We loved it there and definitely want to see more. Maybe you will make it to the Pyrenees next and we’ll go back to Croatia. We’ll do a vacation swap:)

  5. John

    Your photos just get better and better. We were planning a trip to the Pyrenees in 2011 but ended up in the Outer Hebrides.

  6. brandy bell

    Oh my goodness, these are amazing photos D&D!!! :) Shaming myself right now for not having made it before, and putting it on my resolution for 2013 — living in Madrid, I have no excuse. Thank you for the tantalizing bait and the push to make this dream trip come true!! :)

    1. debndave Post author

      Thanks Brandy. We’ll try to make it to Madrid this year. We’ve never been there and we’re feeling the same way about Madrid that you are about the Pyrenees.

  7. Hoihe

    I’ve been living in La Costa Brava, where the Pyrenees touch the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a magical place with many small towns and hidden beaches.

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