The Pyrenees inspired us. As we rode our horses through an old pilgrimage route, we had visions of walking the El Camino de Santiago. Each time we walked through the mountains of Northern Spain, all I wanted to do was stay there. We made mental notes to come back in a year or two to truly explore the land and take our time to walk through the country slowly. We want to meet the people of Spain, get to know the language and understand the culture. We want to slow down and enjoy the four hour lunches and late night dinners without having to worry about the work piling up and we want to find ourselves again, be alone with our thoughts while taking on the challenging cross country route.

I can understand why the Camino de Santiago is so popular. Not only for pilgrims but for travellers seeking adventure. There is something inviting and calming about walking through Spain. The mountainous scenery of the Pyrenees is captivating. Centuries old trails carve through the hills and one can only imagine how many people have walked this very same route. What were their reasons for doing so and did they find what they were looking for?

The Pyrenees in Black and White

spain costa brava

During our trip through the Pyrenees with the Costa Brava tourism board, we took nearly every mode of transportation we could think of. We explored on donkeys, segways, ebikes, classic railway, buses and of course on foot. A trip to the pyrenees wouldn’t be complete without a hike and we had the opportunity to hike from this lodge Vall de Nuria to a nearby town 7.5 km down the mountain.

Vall de Nuria is a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers. Located on a ski hill it is a year round destination where visitors can hike, bike, canoe, try your hand at archery or go on a trail ride like we did. Our ride took us to the top of the ski lift where we looked over the valley cutting through the Pyrenees and we said to ourselves, “Life is good, right here and right now.”

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  2. Laurel

    I did the hike down, as well with two other bloggers, while everyone else stayed and hung out at the lodge. So glad that I did, it’s a beautiful trail! Love the B&W photo, it gives it a completely different feel.

    1. debndave Post author

      It is a beautiful hike. Going down is an especially pleasant walk. It would be tough coming up but very rewarding, especially when you are rewarded with this view.

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  4. Andy

    Hey Dave and Deb! Love the exploration into B&W photography. I’m a huge fan of it, since developing our own B&W photos in the darkroom is how Becki and I both got into photography in the first place.

    I’m going to have to check out El Camino de Santiago – it sounds really interesting. We’re putting together a list of classic hikes for us to do as well – so far we’ve got the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, and the Sultans Trail:

    Don’t think we’re going to thru-hike the two American trails, but we want to go all the way with the Sultans Trail. The HUGE change in scenery and culture all the way through is going to be amazing I think :)

    Glad to see all is going well!

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