The Many Faces of Travel

The world we live in is a mystifying and enchanting place and if you have the drive to explore it, then you are sure to find yourself in some amazing places. But sometimes it’s not about the places, it’s about the people. The faces of the thousands of lives that you come in contact with while you’re on the road can stay with you as long as the memories of the destinations themselves. There are times when it seems that you catch something special in a photograph.When you look back at the glossy paper, or the computer screen, you see something more than a two dimensional image. Sometimes it almost seems as if you can see a person’s history, hardships and humanity gleaming behind the face that the camera managed to capture.

These fleeting moments are perhaps nothing to those who find themselves victim to the truth of the lens, but in them you can find something real. In the eyes of despair, you can see hope. In the face of adversity, you can find a hero, and in the depth of poverty, you can find triumph. These photos have moved us and we consider ourselves blessed to have been touched by these faces, and to sometimes share in the lives behind them. These are the people of our world and the many faces of travel.

Many Faces of Travel 


Pilgrimage To The Himalayas – Kathmandu, Nepal


Desert Boy – Mut, Egypt

travel photos of boy in Mozambique

The Ibo Boy By The Boat – Ibo Island, Mozambique

travel photos myanmar/burma

A Man Lost In Thought – Mandalay, Myanmar

A Stern Glance From The Nile - Luxor, Egypt

A Stern Glance From The Nile – Luxor, Egypt

travel photos young girl mozambique

Face Paint – Quirimbas, Mozambique

travel photos fisherman in myanmar

Fishing Friends – Inle Lake, Myanmar

travel photos of boy running in Morocco

Run Home – Tangier, Morocco

mother and son in mozambique

Mother And Child – Quirimbas Island, Mozambique

travel portraits myanmar


A Man And His Wagon - Delhi, India

A Man And His Wagon – Delhi, India

travel photos hunter in Philippines

The Last Of The Ifugao – Banaue, Philippines

travel photos child in mozabique

Eyes Of Wonder – Mozambique

old woman in myanmar travel photos

Face Of The Pa-U – Inle Lake, Myanmar

travel photos man on felucca egypt

Jimmy The Falucca Captain – Aswan, Egypt

vendor in india black and white

A Hard Sell – Delhi, India

travel photos, children in Africa

The Smiles Of Faith – Mozambique

travel photos man in india wearing headscarf

The Worried Eyes Of A Chai Wallah – Rishikesh, India

woman on street in myanmar travel photo

Beads Of Prayer – Inle Lake, Myanmar

travel photos panda face

One Happy Panda – Chengdu, China

african woman in tribal make-up and costume

The Modern Face Of A Tribe – Cape Town, South Africa

young boys smiling in Africa

The African Beach Life – Mozambique

man drinking chai in India black and white travel photos

The Chai Guy – Rishikesh, India

black and white travel photo of old woman in Asia

The Weathered Face Of The Intha Woman – Inle Lake, Myanmar

As you can see, not all faces that stay in your mind are human, but each one has its own story. Some people travel for the sites, the sounds, and the smells, some for the for the culture, the cuisine and the chaos, and others for the friends, the families and the faces. If you can manage to travel and absorb a little bit of all of these elements, then you’re bound to have rich experiences along the way. Travel is such a powerful tool for expanding one’s mind and the perspective of our planet. If you take a little bit of it home, if you cherish the little moments that make it special, then it’s bound to move you. In these faces you can feel at home, while being a thousand miles away. These are the faces of travel, and the reason we continue to do it.

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